Millennials And Their Share Of Problems

problems faced by Millennials
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Having a life that doesn’t work according to the way you want it to, can be very disturbing. Millennials today are facing innumerable issues because of this very reason. This has lead to a decline in their mental health, which is an alarming issue that needs immediate addressing. If you too are a millennial and are facing the below-mentioned problems, it’s your sign to take remedial measures for your own benefit.

Going through depression, loneliness, and anxiety: The number of millennials suffering from depression has risen to a concerning rate. A disorder seen in most, depression is the persistent feeling of sadness and withdrawal from the social circle.  Depression brings emotional as well as physical problems. If depression goes unchecked and untreated, it leads to feeling lonely and anxious. Those undergoing depression don’t usually share their feelings and decide to not talk about their problems to anyone. When those suffering start fearing that they don’t feel like sharing their problems with anyone, loneliness and anxiety starts creeping in. 

Fighting Competition and Unemployment: The population is higher than the number of jobs available. This has led to unemployment. Governments of countries across the globe are finding ways to fight unemployment. This is one factor that has led to immense dissatisfaction among the millennials. Moreover, the competition level too is high. Every young individual today strives to pursue high quality education in order to secure the best job. College and Universities are producing smart young individuals. This is just adding fuel to the fire. Sitting home idle and not being productive brings down the morale leading to one feeling useless and wasted. 

Insecurities: Millennials constantly keep comparing themselves to others or their lives with that of others. There are insecurities in every aspect of their life; insecurity with respect to jobs, relationships, and self. When this happens, one tends to live in constant stress and fear of things going wrong or falling out of hand. 

Fighting to be Independent:  Adolescence is a tricky phase. It is during this age that youngsters feel the urge to take charge of their own life and become independent. However, independence comes at a cost. It never comes easy. To become independent, youngsters go through a lot of trouble. Paying bills for yourself, feeding yourself, finding a job that will help you carry out your own expenses, learning to cook, etc. is very exhausting. In the midway, one might feel like giving up, accept defeat, feel lonely, feel like a failure, have self doubts and so much more that causes too much mental stress.  

Not Being Understood by Parents: Millennials don’t like being told constantly of what they should do and should not, by parents. They don’t like their life to be dominated and controlled by parents especially when they are on their journey to discover themselves and explore life. Millennials like to take charge of their own life and make it happen in their own ways. Nevertheless, very often, parents make it difficult for them. This results in millennials getting extremely upset, irritated, and frustrated, leaving them unhappy. When this frustration escalates, the feeling of leaving home and setting up a life of their own away from people, is bound to occur. 

Excessive use of Social Media: To add to the already existing problems, is the effort to do away with social media addiction. 4 out of 5 millennials today are finding it difficult to keep down their phones. There is so much happening over the phone and on the social networking sites, it can make one go crazy. Seeing people spend a wonderful life through the pictures they share and then feeling bad that you are not one of them is something that is so rampant among the millennials. Social media is said to be a major contributor to mental illness and rising levels of depression and anxiety.  

One should never let these problems take over. Remember, where there are problems, there will be solutions too. Good things require time. Things will fall in the right place at the right time. Don’t rush, don’t hurry and most importantly don’t be hard on yourself. Take your time and give time. Meditation is one way to help yourself. It lets you forget your worries and also your happiness and helps your mind stay neutral. This balance of mind is rejuvenating and provides strength to keep going. The same is with practicing Yoga. Last but not the least, you can also start journaling. Writing down your thoughts in a journal gives you clarity of mind. It provides a sense of overall well being and satisfaction. 

Life has its own way of working. Every individual has his/her own share of problems. How one deals with it is what matters. Make sure you go about handling your problems the right way. 


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