Fashion Data Analyst; A Growing Career In The Fashion World

Fashion Data Analyst
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There are people who follow fashion and there are people who create fashion. When it comes to making a career in the field of Fashion, there are always these selective names that come in one’s mind. Today, we will be talking about a career in Fashion which not only deals with mainstream fashion tasks but also with academic stuff like math and programming. 

c in order to help fashion and retail companies gain more profits. The position demands an individual who is quite enthusiastic about computer science but is equally interested in fashion.

Role in Fashion and Retail

The advent of social media has disrupted the fashion industry; as both brands and consumers have started appreciating and editing endless fashion ideas. From the source of the product to who is wearing what, all the fashion data is being carefully observed. The best part about being a Fashion Data Analyst in this volatile time of retail and fashion is to stay on top of all the trends before they even materialize into existence. Yes, a fashion data analyst has to collect, study, and define visitor data from the brand’s online channel in order to stay ahead of everyone. 

They spend most of their time in separating the positive information from the negative and arranging the same in the form of presentations that can be easily understood by the company. They make the best use of their math formulas to create algorithms to improve the brand’s overall performance on digital platforms. 

Key Duties

  • To translate intricate data insights into understandable presentations.
  • To deliver leading-edge marketing projects in the area of segmentation and personalization, reporting automation and data integration.
  • To encourage the implementation and use of data-driven decision processes.
  • To have the Ability to code in Python.
  • To design, build, test, and maintain tools and services and help the brand grow.
  • To come up with solutions through progressive understandings of engineering metric data.
  • To always have a solution-oriented attitude.


Start by pursuing STEM majors followed by a more advanced degree in either math, engineering, programming, or predictive analytics. A certificate program in data analytics from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology will work wonders. It will include courses such as web analytics and e-commerce tracking that will help one develop into a perfect candidate for a career as a fashion data analyst. 

Final Step

Doing internships through universities in retail as a part of a program or finding a job at retail while studying will prove a valuable experience since you’ll learn about the functioning of a brick and mortar store and all that it sells on the shop floor followed by the importance of customer service. To become a data analyst in a fashion company, you’ll be required to have hands-on experience in retail and also learn ways to use your knowledge in predicting fashion trends.


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