Mayank Vaid Becomes The First Indian To Win The Enduroman Triathlon

Mayank Vaid
Image Credits: Shortpedia

Mayank Vaid, a 41-year-old Indian individual from Hong Kong, a lawyer by profession, has become the first Indian as well as the first Asian to win the Enduroman Triathlon.

The Enduroman Triathlon is a competition that takes place from England to France. It is considered to be one of the toughest endurance competition in the world.  Mayank Vaid has become the 44th winner of this competition. 

Moreover, Mayank has not just become the first Indian and Asian to have won the competition but has also become the first participant to break the world record of completing the race in the shortest time of 50 hours and 24 minutes.

Previously the world record of the Enduroman Triathlon was held by an individual named Julien Denyer of Belgium who completed the challenge in 52 hours and 30 minutes. 

The Enduroman Triathlon comprises of three events, running, swimming and cycling. This challenge connects the two most beautiful cities in the world. One being London and the other, Paris. In the Triathlon, the Arch to Arc Challenge, the race begins with a 140-km run from London’s Marble Arch to Dover. This is followed by a swim across the English Channel to the French coast. The triathlon finishes with a 289.7 km bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Mayank Vaid has become the 44th person to successfully complete this triathlon. While talking to the team of The Indian Express, Mayank stated that, “This is the longest point to point triathlon in the world. Only 44 persons have completed it so far. More people have climbed Mt. Everest. It is truly the toughest and most brutal triathlon in the world.”

He further went on to tell the Indian Express, “The swim and bike sections were really hard. Especially going sleepless for more than 50 hours. The most challenging part is when a swimmer starts to see the French coast and that’s when the mind plays games. I was told by one of my swimming buddies, ‘when you see the coast don’t raise your head again to look for the coast. It’s a mirage. Keep swimming’.”

The reason why this triathlon is considered to be the toughest is because it tests the endurance level, patience, physical and mental strength, will power, determination and a lot of stamina. Mayank Vaid clearly has it all having won this challenge.

We at Youth Incorporated congratulate Mayank for his massive victory. The nation is once again proud. 


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