The Magical Phenomenon Of Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern lights is expected to take place today. Aurora and Borealis are Greek words meaning Sunrise and Wind.

It is predicted that the sun would release a small solar flare today, which could penetrate the atmosphere of the earth, causing auroras across Alaska, Norway and Sweden. The science behind one of the most bewitching phenomena to have been witnessed is caused by the solar radiation of the sun. These particles contain high amounts of energy, and upon colliding with atoms in the atmosphere, energy is transferred to electrons. As these electrons start losing energy, they emit a particle called Photon, which is a light particle. The photons are the reason behind the vibrant array of colors displayed in the sky.

Fortunately, the current solar storm is of G1 magnitude, which is relatively harmless. The magnitude of the storm is measured between G1-G5, with G5 being the strongest.

The aurora Borealis is one of the most magnificent acts of nature, and has the ability to captivate one’s mind. The lights dance across the pitch black sky, forming designs and illuminating the world. The colors weave across the cloud and the shades spread across the sky. The charming and appealing scenes are an attraction for photographers, who trudge all the way to get a glimpse of exquisite landscape.

The Aurora Borealis has heavily impacted today’s world. Apart from giving birth to mythical creatures, it has also been affiliated with beliefs and spirits. Myths in Canada and Greenland say that Auroras are spirits who helped hunters find their preys. South Europeans believed the sight was a bad omen which brings war and plague and natural disasters. Chinese legends consisting of dragons are said to have been created from Northern Lights.

Here’s some of the most stunning Aurora Borealis displays to have been captured

Images Courtesy: Huffington Post


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