Showers needn’t be boring ever again! Here are a few creative, funny, evil ways to enjoy the monsoons. Try them at your own risk – we do NOT endorse them.

Build a Huge Paper Boat.
Wait for it to rain and the streets to flood. Ride the boat into the path of stuck traffic. Shout out to everyone who can hear that the floods are coming. It’s the end of the world and they need to head for the hills.

Build a Huge Paper Boat.
Wait for it to rain and the streets to flood. Ride the boat into the path of stuck traffic. Shout out to everyone who can hear that the floods are coming. It’s the end of the world and they need to head for the hills.

Go to a Roadside Chaiwala’s while it’s Raining.
Since it’s raining, there will be 20-30 people there enjoying the best thing in the world: hot tea in the rain. Order a tea and finish it quickly. Suddenly, clutch your throat and stomach and stagger away in the rain. No one can see what ultimately happens to you because of the rain. Also, they’ll be too busy eyeing the chaiwala suspiciously.

Set your Daily FB Status to the opposite of what the Met department predicts for the next 24 hours. This means you will always be right. Bask in the attention that you receive for being the modern Nostradamus.

Organise a Flash Mob. 
Get a 100 people together in the rain. Take 5 minutes to decide which of the 100 rain-related songs they will sing. When they’ve finished, insist on a retake because the mobile camera you were using to upload it to YouTube failed. Since many of them are doing it for publicity they will agree. After the second retake, say it was a joke and run away. Fast.

Note Down License Plate Numbers of Cars that Splash.
Start a blog where you can rant about the owners of the cars. Since everyone will want to do this, the site will become superpopular, and people will secretly check it every day to see if their car is up.

When it Really Rains Heavily, Go Old School.
Get a line and pretend to fish.

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