Star Struck – August 2012


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A popular Bollywood vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month 

Aquarius/Jan 21 – Feb 20
Your clear inner vision will motivate you to approach everything with a can-do attitude, and embrace new beginnings. Don’t allow your pride to take over when others present contrary opinions. Delegate some important tasks so that you can maintain your efficiency. Your ambition will take on humanitarian role now as you will strive to help others.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 9
Lucky Colour: Grey
Love Dates: 20th, 31st

Pisces/Feb 19- Mar 20
Assertive energy will fill the month as your intuitive side is in full working order. Your goals will be put to the test. Confidence will nudge you to take calculated risks. You will have a grasp over issues and communicate well with others. Some interesting work offers will also come your way. Do not neglect your spiritual side as this will benefit to you.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8
Lucky Colour: Indigo
Love Dates: 19th, 25th

Aries/Mar 21 – Apr 20
You will be effective in neutralizing any problems that may crop up. Your ideas might be successful if you find the right associations. You will be more effective at meetings if you focus on actual facts and figures. Romantic relationship might make you contemplative. Think practically and you may be able to gain perspective.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 9
Lucky Colour: Orange
Love Dates: 10th, 22nd

Taurus/Apr 21 – May 21
In your enthusiasm to take on projects, ensure that you don’t make promises which are difficult to live up to. You will have a chance to build alliances with like-minded people. Turn to close associates for advice if you are unable to make up your mind about certain important issues. There may also be lucrative opportunities for new investments.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 8
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Love Dates: 12th, 24th

Gemini/May22 – Jun 21
You may want to act on opportunities, but it is better to weigh all the pros and cons. Overconfidence could prove disappointing, so exercise caution. Be discreet in your actions with superiors as your enthusiasm could well be mistaken for efforts to gain unfair advantage. Keep an open mind on different issues for valuable insights.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7
Lucky Colour: Green
Love Dates: 13th, 20th

Cancer/Jun 22 – Jul 22
You will gain the support of colleagues which will give your ideas get the consideration they merit. You may want to take a break and spend time on things that make you happy. This will make you feel energized to deal with all problems. Differences in your love life could come to the fore. Empty promises with little action will increase tension.
Lucky nos: 3, 6
Lucky color: Red
Love Dates: 11th, 17th

Leo/ Jul 23 – Aug 23
Deep rooted fears may come to the surface. You may have to relinquish old attachments for your growth. Your ability to work with abstracts will help you to make breakthroughs. There could be new growth in both your personal and professional life. Ready wit and insights will be your chief allies and nothing will hold you back now.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 4
Lucky Colour: White
Love Dates: 14th, 26th

Virgo/Aug 24 – Sep 22
You may be momentarily overwhelmed by someone’s behavior. Keep things in perspective and don’t let your confidence be undermined. Showing appreciation for those who have helped you will be reciprocated in no small measure, much to your delight. An increased desire to learn about business trends will bring great satisfaction and fulfillment.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 9
Lucky Colour: Magenta
Love Dates: 15th, 25th

Libra/ Sep23 – Oct 23
Building a consensus with like-minded people will result in concrete plans. Plan a flexible schedule, as delays are likely. Certain close ties and bonds may be going through changes, make your position clear to avoid confusion. Social engagements are likely to keep you busy. Be diplomatic in your interactions with new people.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5
Lucky Colour: Crimson
Love Dates: 16th, 27th

Scorpio/Oct 24 – Nov 22
There may be a broad sweep of interest in cultural and intellectual pursuits. Past conditions connected with work or health may come back. Fulfilling expectations of loved ones will strengthen bonds. Socializing will be on the agenda. Selfconfidence and positive thinking will inspire faith in your capabilities.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8
Lucky Colour: Black
Love Dates: 17th, 29th

Sagittarius/Nov 23 – Dec 23
You may feel a sense of restlessness because of the monotony of your routine. Taking up a hobby or learning a new skill will help you broaden your horizons and meet new people. Business folks will introduce smart plans
that will be lucrative.  Problems that you have been facing at work will be resolved due to quick thinking on your part.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7
Lucky Colour: Violet
Love Dates: 18th, 28th

Capricorn/Dec 24 – Jan 20
There won’t be much change during this month, but don’t be afraid to try something new. This will help you gain lots of useful information. Your generosity with others will bring great rewards. But remain alert as you need to pay attention to details. Go all out to encourage teamwork. Great inspiration will help you to tap into the power of integrity.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6
Lucky Colour: Blue
Love Dates: 23rd, 30th


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