KC Youth Summit: A Step Towards Empowering The Youth

KC Youth Summit
Mr.Milind Deora

“Truth is a Holy Grail.” said Mr.Anil Harish while addressing the youth seated in the audience at the KC Youth Summit, organized in KC College on 15th March, 2019.  

A one-day conference, the theme of this event revolved around unfolding the truth and its main motive behind organizing this summit was to empower the youth of today.  

This event was graced by the attendance of well-known personalities like Mr. Anil Harish, the president of the HSNC (Hyderabad- Sindh National College), Mr Milind Deora, a Congress politician, youth icon and the member of the Lok Sabha, Prashant Jain, the Chief Investment Officer, Executive Director and Fund Manager at HDFC Bank, India, Aashish Chauhan, CEO of the Bombay Stock Exchange, Niranjan Hiranandani, entrepreneur, co-founder and managing director of Hiranandani Group, Pearl Daruwala, Advocacy Officer at the Humsafar Trust for the LGBTQ community and many more.

Each of them had insightful, interesting, and inspiring stories and experiences to share with the youth. The speeches given by these guests spread across various issues related to politics, economics, business and finance, health, and empowerment.

The lighting of the lamp marked the start of the event. It was followed by the principal welcoming the participants by her warm words. The first guest speaker was Mr. Harish who, keeping in mind the theme of the summit, defined what truth actually is and stated that it is something that always stems from the past. He also said that one should always seek and unfold the truth.

The stage was then taken by Mr. Milind Deora, who focused on many crucial issues like corruption, bureaucracy, participation of youth in Indian politics, etc. While interacting with the audience, he cited an example of the Silicon Valley and the reason behind its massive success. He called the Silicon Valley a land of startups and India a nation of me toos by giving examples Amazon, Flipcart and Snapdeal. He said that in spite of India being well equipped with the right type of infrastructure, falls behind because it lacks a unique accepting culture that exists in the Silicon Valley. He said that the recruiters in Silicon Valley heir people irrespective of their caste, religion, gender. They appoint people based on their merit. Moreover, recruiters there don’t shame failure, instead embrace intelligence failure. He suggests that India should implement the same and encourage and accept diversity.

When asked about his views on the youth participating in Indian Politics, he said that the youth holds immense potential to build a country and that more and more youth should actively participate in politics and treat it just like any other existing profession. He carried this discussion forward by mentioning that there are large number of young 18+ individuals who have not registered themselves to vote as yet. He stressed on the importance of voting and urged the youth to apply for a voter’s ID at the earliest and wanted the youth to realize that ‘every vote counts’.

The next speech was addressed by Mr Prashant Jain, the Chief Investment Officer of HDFC Bank, who explained the importance of investing money into the equity market. He urged the youth to invest into the equity market as he believes it will give profitable rewards. He coaxed the young individuals sitting in the audience by saying that all one requires to function in the market is not intelligence but mere common sense.

KC Youth Summit
Mr Prashant Jain, the Chief Investment Officer of HDFC Bank

Other guests like Aashish Chauhan, CEO of BSE, Niranjan Hiranandani, MD of Hiranandani Group and Pearl Daruwala, from Hamsafar NGO shared valuable anecdotes from their life. They motivated the youth to make the most out of the opportunities, lead a contented life but also work on improvising self, learn to stay happy and keep moving on no matter what the challenges and difficulties. They also stressed on the importance of courageously facing challenges, of maintaining work-life balance, not being very hard on yourself, having dedication, love and respect towards whatever work you take up in life, and most importantly accept yourself the way you are.

KC Youth Summit
Pearl Daruwala, Advocacy Officer at the Humsafar Trust for the LGBTQ community
KC Youth Summit
Mr.Aashish Chauhan, CEO of BSE

With such eminent identities speaking motivational words, the youth was undoubtedly benefitted by participating in the summit. 

On being asked about the main idea behind organizing the first KC Youth Summit, its Vice Chairperson said “The main idea behind organizing the summit was to differentiate it from the other cultural fests which are informal in nature. The KC Youth Summit however, took a formal approach and invited the noteworthy speakers who could provide the youth with valuable knowledge and information.”She was delighted to state that the next year too, the college will be conducting the event with the same amount of energy.

KC Youth Summit
Vice Chairperson, KC Youth Summit


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