Best High Paying Jobs & Careers for Women that will make your Wallets heavy

careers for women
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We are often encouraged to think about how we can help create a more gender-balanced world, and the first place that immediately comes to mind is in the workplace.

We all are aware that the gender pay gap exists. There has been some considerable progress towards it, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough. But not all jobs offer the same opportunities for working women. There are also inconsistencies between what women in different careers make compared to one another. Different careers bring in high salaries for women: healthcare, law, management, and technology jobs are among the top money-making positions.

Here are some of the top occupations that offer the most earning potential for working women:


We need an equal mix of both men and women on our judiciary, making the tough decisions and maintaining law and order

careers for women
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A doctor, especially a Gynecologist or a psychologist, earns a decent salary than other jobs. It’s a respectful profession that dedicates itself to the selfless service of the society, yet brings in the big bucks!

careers for women
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Air Hostess

A woman-dominated profession; this is a very favorable career option as more Indian women are looking forward to being an air hostess. Not only does it provide a good income, but it also gives a chance to travel to different places.

careers for women
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Fashion Designing

Fashion is obviously super important. How we look determines how the rest of the world perceives us. This field is particularly meant for women who like to get engaged in creativity. The Design Spectrum in India is a very broad field as it involves apparel designing, jewelry designing, etc. Once you gain the popularity, money and fame follow through behind it.

careers for women
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Human Resources

Women find a lot of satisfaction in this field – because human resources are all about making sure that the workforce is being treated fairly and we all know how much women value fair-mindedness. Besides hiring correctly and receiving all the benefits employees are entitled to, HR is responsible for the dynamic environment that keeps a workplace going.

careers for women
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Marketing / Sales / Public Relations

There are many job opportunities in the field of marketing and sales for females. As women, we are innately consulted with a talent to interact, multitask and foster relationships and can perform better in our career. Marketing manager, business development executive and sales head are some of the titles that enable you to earn a striking salary.  Besides a fixed salary, you can earn good incentives by achieving the given targets.

careers for women
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Entrepreneurship does not differentiate. Jobs for pregnant women, women who may not have a university degree, women over 50 etc. can all be found in small popular businesses and startups. You could be well-established in an executive role, and end up creating an entirely new business that benefits so many other women. These are some of the highest paying, satisfying careers that women are benefitting from. Let’s keep pushing for parity and support each other as we climb the career ladder together!

careers for women
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