#InnovateWithBlockchain: Build In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020

Build In Blockchain E-conclave 2020

You might have heard about Build In Blockchain e-Conclave, Blocklogy is organizing to Network, Collaborate and Introduce Blockchain & Its Multiple Use-cases to improve the efficiency compared to the existing centralized platforms. This exclusive blockchain event is going to be held at Amity University, Mumbai on 13th & 14th April, and the second day of the event i.e. 14th April, will be focused on #InnovateWithBlockchain; an open-house session where everybody with an open mind is welcome.

Under this initiative, Blocklogy welcomes you to join hands and let us together innovate and implement Blockchain Technology, to transform and drive large-scale shifts in the business model of organizations. With this initiative, our vision is to build a community dedicated to developing the Blockchain Ecosystem and its associations with other emerging technologies while expanding the role of the market in the global blockchain industry by creating a conducive business environment and promote Decentralization and Transparency.

Top Reasons To Innovate With Blockchain

Efficiency: With the successful implementation of Blockchain technology we can improve productivity to deliver significant cost savings. The process current centralized platforms use are not just costly and time-consuming but also riddled with human error, where each inaccuracy makes tracking and delivering outputs less efficient. Blockchain has the potential to eliminate problems that occur with centralized platforms. 

Transformation: Blockchain Technology is an innovation that leads to a quantum jump in customer experience, market share expansion and launch of decentralized products for a single decentralized and middlemen less community. With the right implementation of blockchain we can improve the accuracy by removing human involvement and powering business on Smart Contracts 

Disruptive: If implemented correctly, blockchain has the potential to disrupt the industry with new business models, revenue streams, and change the competition landscape. Blockchain is an important and growing technology that can deliver the right value to the community for their hard work and can create a self-sustainable marketplace for the betterment of society. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us in this open-house session – #InnovateWithBlockchain in this year’s Build In Blockchain e-Conclave, on 14th April for free. And let us together innovate and shape the future with the help of these emerging techs. 


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