Lesser-Known Keyboard Shortcuts For Less Hassle At Work

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Everyone today is familiar with the cut copy and paste keyboard shortcuts. These, however, are not the only ones. While the mouse helps us easily navigate through our desktop/laptop screens, operating a keyboard is much speedier. 

Keyboard shortcuts are of great help when you have to speed up the working process to meet the deadlines. For this, you must know some of the best keyboard shortcuts. Scroll down to find out

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows: 

We all, at some point of time, have faced the issue of our screens getting hanged. To get rid of this irritating problem all you have to do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del to start the task manager and click on the tab that is hanged and simply click on end task. 

  • To Save: Ctrl+S
  • To Print: Ctrl+P
  • To find a word or sentence on the page: Ctrl+F
  • To undo an activity: Ctrl+Z
  • To delete: Ctrl+D
  • To change window: Alt+Tab
  • To minimize window: Alt+Space+N
  • To maximize window: Alt+Space+X
  • To take a screen grab: Alt+Print Screen
  • To rename a file: F2

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 

  • Jump to end of the document: Ctrl+End
  • Jump to start of document: Ctrl+Home
  • Go to last edit: Shift+F5
  • For spell check: F7
  • Select All: Ctrl+A
  • To select a whole word: Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right arrow
  • To select a whole paragraph: Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down arrow
  • For Bold: Ctrl+B
  • For Italics: Ctrl+I
  • To Underline: Ctrl+U
  • For all capital words: Ctrl+Shift+A
  • To copy the same format: Ctrl+Shift+C
  • For page break: Ctrl+Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts for  Microsoft Excel

  • Next cell: Tab
  • Previous cell: Shift+Tab
  • First cell in row: Alt+Home
  • Last cell in row: Alt+End
  • Top cell in column: Alt+Page Up
  • Last cell in column: Alt+Page Down
  • Repeat function: F4

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Mail

  • Compose new message: Shift+C
  • Reply: Shift+R
  • Reply all: Shift+A
  • Forward: Shift+F
  • Save a draft: Ctrl+S
  • Mark as read: Shift+I
  • Mark as unread: Shift+U
  • Move to next message: N
  • Move to previous message: P
  • Open a conversation: O
  • Mark selected message as important: =
  • To open a new email: K
  • To open a previous email: J
  • To open the inbox screen: U 
  • To send an email: Ctrl/Command + Enter 

Keyboard Shortcuts For Apple Mac

  • To open a document: Command+O
  • Save: Command+S
  • Print: Command+P
  • Find: Command+F
  • Select All: Command+A
  • Cut: Command+X
  • Copy: Command+C
  • Paste: Command+V
  • Undo: Command+Z
  • Switch application: Command+Tab
  • Quit Application: Command+Q
  • Move item to trash: Command+Backspace
  • A new window (Finder): Command+N
  • Hide/Show Dock: Command+Option+D
  • Force Quit: Command+Option+Esc

Keyboard Shortcuts For Adobe Photoshop

  • Undo, multiple times: Ctrl+Alt+Z
  • Hand/move tool: Spacebar
  • Switch document: Ctrl+Tab
  • New layer: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • New layer: Ctrl+Shift+Atl+N
  • Duplicate layer: Ctrl+J
  • Fit to window: Ctrl+0
  • Re-run filter: Ctrl+F
  • Fade filter: Ctrl+Shift+F

Begin using them and get habituated to these shortcuts so that your work at office gets easier and faster.


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