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If you plan on heading offshores to pursue your higher studies, we’d suggest you add Australia to your list. Nishant Andrews and Sherin Sam tell you why and which universities you should consider

International waters have always posed as a calling for aspiring students, when it comes to acquiring education. Within these peripheries of international education, Australia stands out as one of the best investments in this field. What it promises is a large spectrum of courses to choose from, and is known for its quality of educational places. This country has been ranked third as the most popular international student destination, according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Be it Arts & Humanities, Engineering & Technology, Physical Sciences or Social Sciences. Australia encapsulates within itself, a host of top ranked universities which impart unparalleled education in these streams. Moreover, the Australian Government investing over 200 million USD on student scholarships annually and the country being ranked 9th in the world university ranking system, act as add-ons to the whole dream of studying in the lap lands of Australia. The system of education has been modulated in a student-friendly manner, providing security along with enabling global aspirants to choose from a diverse range of study options, with more than 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from. It believes in imparting education at all levels from primary and secondary school, to vocational education and training (VET), from english language to university education (higher education). And if that isn’t reason enough, here are a few reasons why Australia should seriously be considered while planning to study abroad.

Yes, you read that right; Australia is considered as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. From hosting one of the best food competitions ‘Masterchef Australia’ to housing various Michelin star restaurants, it becomes an ideal place for college students to choose their food palate from. Food is often a serious concern for people when they make plans abroad. Australia promises students a healthy life with a wide range of eateries that cater to different tastes, helping them live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

Australia is home to some of the best institutions in the world. It generously provides students with a wide range of courses to choose from, and at an affordable fee. Australian education has helped students make a massive difference in the world. Their ideas and inventions have contributed immensely in the academic and intellectual sphere. Renowned companies such as Penicillin and Ultrasound heavily rely on the innovative discoveries and achievements made by the genius minds in Australia, which easily makes it the best places to study today.

Not everyone can afford higher education, they are forced to earn while they are studying. Some are even compelled to give up their dreams as they do not have the funds to support their education. While some countries refuse to allow international students to earn while studying, Australia allows students to courageously fulfil their dreams without worrying about their finances. It readily allows people to work 40 hours per fortnight, giving them enough time to earn money and enjoy their weekends without feeling any guilt and remorse. Plus, working in a foreign country will give them immense exposure and a sense of great independence.

Australia is a diverse country, allowing people from different origins to stay together comfortably. Young students who have never left their comfort zone, will get a chance to learn about other cultures and traditions. They will be exposed to different lifestyles that are inhabited by various people. Australia provides a brilliant space for students to explore their personality, as well as their likes and dislikes.

With the constant increase in crime rates around the world, parents are sceptical about sending their children abroad to study. Australia becomes an ideal place for students to pursue their studies with its strict safety and protection measures. It does not tolerate racial attacks and criminal offences. The roads are well-maintained and taken care of for students to navigate. Immediate medical attention is given to the people by its government. Several medical services are available for people who are subjected to accidents or injury.

While the American and British officials make the visa procedure quite taxing and costly for students, Australia has come up with an easy visa procedure that will enable students to apply for visas easily. Unlike countries such as UK and America, who reject visa applicants for reasons best known to them, Australia accepts students easily, keeping in mind their credentials.

The whole point of going abroad to pursue higher education is to get a good job and lead a better life. Australia gives students a beautiful chance to work in the country based on their talents and merits. Unlike other countries which blatantly reject job applications of international students, Australia provides young adults ample of scope to make a huge difference in their country. It offers job opportunities in varied areas and disciplines, including agriculture and aeronautics.



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This university basks in the glory of being featured amongst some of the top international universities, ranking 73rd according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-16. The 50 year-old university offers a variety of undergraduate, post-graduate, diploma and research degree courses to choose from.
For the benefit of international students, the university also offers scholarships, easing out the financial pressure on the aspirants. Monash offers a wide spectrum of scholarship programs, collectively amounting to 70,000 USD every year, providing ample opportunities for students to make the most out of these comprehensive and generous scholarships. Sir John Monash Scholarship ranks as the most prestigious scholarship of the university.



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The University of Queensland (UQ) ranks 60, according to the list published by the Times World University rankings 2015-16 and 52 in the US News Best Global Universities Rankings. The accolades fashioned by the university, make it a driving force for students who wish to move to Australia for further education, thus slowly transforming the institution into one of the key places for research and teaching. UQ offers undergraduate, post-graduate and research degrees.
International students eyeing the university can be at ease knowing that the administration generates over 350 UQ Link Scholarships, which amounts to over 3000 USD per annum, and are awarded to gap year and global students. Instead of accruing the finance for scholarships, UQ believes in fundraising activities for the same, making the scholarships largely available for interested candidates.



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With an admirable rank of 56 on the Times World University rankings 2015-16, University of Sydney promises to have a triggering effect on a student’s future, propelling them towards excellence. The strong, well-decorated alumni and faculty of the university is what makes it worthy of an effort. To achieve versatility and outreach, the university has both short and long term study programmes for exchange as well as international students. Taking the educational quality to the next level is determined by the university’s partnering programmes (exchange programmes) with over 300 universities and colleges globally. While the long term courses span a year, short term courses invite aspirants for a semester’s study at their campus. The University of Sydney offers undergraduate, post-graduate and higher research degrees.
The university believes in ‘investing in success’, thereby providing a varied range of scholarships and easy-funding facilities for international scholars. While the undergraduates are awarded with scholarships amounting to 60,000 USD annually, post-graduates are conferred with research awards and research grants.



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Attracting over 60 per cent of international applicants and exchange students every year, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) ranks 33rd on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015/16. With increasing popularity and decree in terms of education, UNSW caters to international students as well as exchange portals trying to provide for the students looking to stand out in a professional arena.
UNSW boasts of various scholarship plans, which are formulated for different courses. The UNSW Engineering Scholarship, the New Columbo Plan and the German Academic Exchange Service are a few of the many grants presented to international students wanting to materialise upon their chances at studying in one of the world’s best.



Ranked as 33rd in the Times University rankings, the University of Melbourne is among the oldest universities of Australia. It rakes in almost 50,000 students from all over the globe, each year, and offers degrees in over 80 different study areas. Take your picks from a myriad of different career fields such as Law, Engineering and Music to Design, Business and Biomedical sciences. Apart from catering to wide spectrum of local and international students, the University of Melbourne also offers a Special Consideration aid to those students, who have been remarkbly affected by illness, poverty or other factors, and also engages in fundraising for charitable causes, with their most recent one being the Believe campaign.


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