Oncourse Coding Boot Camp – Learning Python

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Photo by Lukas from Pexels

From quickly automating tedious office tasks to writing quick python programs to get you through your day, this program is relatively simple to learn, and easier to implement. Other languages such as Java and c++ require many lines of code for the same tasks that Python can do in a shorter form.

This course teaches students the fundamentals of the language Python. The aforementioned dynamic language makes it possible for students to create games and websites, and also scour the web for data.

Through the course, students will develop a sound foundation and understanding of conditional logic, recursion and object-oriented programming. More importantly, students will work on a number of exciting projects ranging from coding their own versions of the video game, Snake, to learning to write programs to scrape the internet for data. The projects will emphasize application of their knowledge of the language, and will lay the groundwork for more intensive applications/programs that students will be equipped to work on in the future.

For more information, log onto www.oncourseglobal.com/


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