10 Hidden Gems On Netflix


If you’re a Netflix viewer, you will know that feeling of mild pain when you finish watching a TV series and you suddenly find yourself wondering, what do I watch now? How do I fill up this void in my life? Well here is a list that can ease your pain and keep your eyes and mind engaged.

Dear White People

Kick starting this list with a very relevant TV series that sheds light on the importance of equal representation, Dear White People is a breath of fresh air. If you think of any iconic TV show of the last two decades, very few will have ‘persons of colour’ in the cast, let alone in the main lead. Although things are steadily improving, we have a long way to go. Like Jay Z said in Moonlight, even when we win we loose, if we want to win, we have to support and demand diversification.  This TV show is a good insight to the lives of the African-American student body at an elite University and their struggles with racism. Hopefully this trailblazing show will give path to many other POC focused dramas and comedies.

Stand up comedy: Aziz Ansari and Vir Das

There is always that moment when a friend suggests a new TV shows, and your brain engages in a tug of war with itself. One half of the brain is excited that there is something new to watch, while the other half knows better than to spend hours in front of the TV screen. A solution to this conundrum is to watch stand up specials that will not take up too many hours from your day, and will still keep you entertained at the same time. Vir Das and Aziz Ansari both have comedy specials on Netflix that are well written, crisp and will have you grinning. A little lighthearted entertainment to enjoy alone or in company.


In maybe one of his best performances so far, Amitabh Bachchan’s portrayal of Bhashkor Da will leave you wanting to call your grandfather at the end of the movie. Piku is as hilarious story with a lot of heart, soul and gut. A tale of a father daughter duo making their way across the country on a road trip to their ancestral house, Piku will keep you entertained at every turn and pit stop. Definitely a comedy that is easy to digest.


One of the lesser popular Netflix Originals series, this may not have the same level of grit as Narcos or House of Cards, but does take the audience through an important journey in history. It also provides a window into the mind of the reigning Queen of England and what drives her to pursue her duty. This is a show that is educational without being dry.

How to get away with murder/The Good Wife

Hot shot Lawyers, female protagonists and a whole lot of scandal. All the makings of gripping television, both these shows are perfect for a night of binge watching.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

A lighthearted comedy featuring an SNL veteran, if you were ever a fan of Adam Sandler’s digital shorts, this will be a good pick for you.

Interest based documentaries: Secrets of Selfridges, Kardashian: the man who saved O.J Simpson, Amy

Maybe watching a documentary on how plastic bottles might kill us is not the mood you want to create on a Friday night, but if you pick a documentary that is in the area of your interest it can make for an entertaining watch. If you like to shop, the history of the most iconic departmental store might be the right choice for you; if you love rock and roll then the story of Club 27’s most iconic wild child Amy Winehouse might be the one for you.  If neither of those things are up your alley, then you could consider watching the story of the most interesting of the member of the Kardashian clan, who represented O.J Simpson in one of the most riveting cases of the past century.

Udta Punjab

As far as riveting movies are concerned, Udta Punjab definitely is high up on the list of dark, gritty cinema. It is difficult to watch in certain parts, but everything the movie represents is a commentary on the horrid reality of drug use. It is a movie that you wont forget even months after watching.

Sherlock Holmes & Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Two films made in classic Guy Ritchie style with just the right amount of sass and style, these films are so interesting that even your friend who usually falls asleep during movie night will be reaching for the popcorn.

Pulp Fiction

The writing of this movie is so crisp that you will catch yourself quoting lines from the movie in everyday situations and personally I don’t think that’s a bad thing. A cult classic, this movie is available on Netflix and has immense repeat value.


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