Editor’s Note – April 2016

Nitish Shah - may 2016

Recently having attended an exhibition in Mumbai I came across a very interesting product called Health on Demand (H.O.D). The comfortable looking armchair was beckoning to me after walking around all day in the exhibition and thought it would give me a few minutes of much needed respite. So when they offered a demo I lapped up the chance immediately. Once I sat down it felt like being in a coccoon, and in no time their trained pilot created my entire health profile and ran various tests which made me really think about how they have managed to make healthcare so easy and accessible. This can potentially revolutionise our outlook on the future of accessible healthcare. Talking to the founders and looking around at all the new inventions I was inspired by sheer magnificence of what our younger generation envisages our future to be like. This further got me wondering about the jobs that may become a reality in the future. This April, we decided to explore this question further with our cover story,
Jobs of the Future. We showcase six up and coming opportunities for career options like virtual teachers, social media lawyers, genetic counselors, product designers and robotic and gaming engineers, that have never been around before.

Talking about changing times and going futuristic there are some things from the past that are always here to stay. Whether you believe in it ot not, the aspect of spirituality cannot be denied. I personally never believed in these things much but some recent chains of events have made me rethink my position. There must be a lot of truth in some of them as so many coincidences are hard to prove otherwise. We take you away from the practical realities of the future and absorb you in the art of the Inner Eye with our Entertainment Feature called The Science of Supernatural, and hope you have an interesting time exploring them on your own. – Nitish Shah


The first sketch of the HOD station


Volume 5 Issue 10


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