Wardrobe Essentials


First impressions are last impressions. Thus, your wardrobe selections have to always be on point. Here’s our list of the Top 5 wardrobe essentials you should definitely have in their closets

Wardrobe Essentials For Women

Blazer: There’s nothing like a smart blazer to change any look from a casual one to a formal masterpiece. Colours like navy blue or black not only go on any outfit, but also add that coveted sharpness.

Be it a cocktail party, a night out on the town or a formal sitdown dinner, a little black dress will be your best friend. It truly is a dress for any occasion.


Maxi skirt: Everyday denim can get quite boring, and the best thing about a printed maxi is that it hardly takes any effort to style, and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Red heels: The easiest examples of why red heels are so very important in a woman’s wardrobe are the numerous times media has showcased it to be synonymous with glamour and love. Not only do they tend to perk any and every outfit up, they will also be sure to give you that instant spark of confidence, whenever you may need it.

No matter what your outfit is, you can style a scarf to go fabulously with it. It is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Go for square-shaped and rectangular, sheer and opaque to make sure you have one of every occasion. If nothing else, you can even tie it up in your hair for a chic look.


Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Classic white shirt: Everyone must have a few classic crisp white shirts. Whether you style it with a pair of your favourite old blue jeans, or with a sleek pair of trousers and a fabulous blazer, you can be sure that it will never let you down.

Everyone needs a suit, be it for a wedding, funeral or work. Picking up the perfect one is not an easy task, so we recommend going for a custom-made one from your local tailor or any designer store. Be it in black or blue but its all about getting the right fit.

Oxford shoes: Harry Hart from Kingsman got it perfectly right when he said ‘Oxfords, not brogues’. It is easier to style a pair of oxfords into an outfit. Get yourself a pair in deep tan or black.

A pair of khakis is perfect for the oncoming summer. Be it running errands or just having a casual day in the sun. Khakis and chinos are part of the same family; it’s just that khakis are the more casual one, so make sure you have one in any of the shades.

Wristwatch: As women obsess over jewelry, men do the same with their watches. Even in the age of smartwatches today, nothing makes quite the same style statement as a gorgeous piece of old-school analog timepiece.


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