E-Summit 2019 – VIT Vellore

E-Summit 2019

E-Summit’19 is the annual Entrepreneurship Fest organized by E-Cell, VIT which opens the doors to the world of business. With its exclusive class of exhilarating events, wonderful workshops, exciting expos and the perfect panel of spectacular speakers, E-Summit will definitely prove to be a once in a lifetime experience that will be carved in your hearts and minds forever.

E-Summit is a platform for each one of you to be the CEO of your life, get your dream internship, break your way out, challenge your limits, discover the right path and become a part of an ultimate phenomenon.


E-Talk is a panel discussion amongst prominent motivational speakers from the entrepreneurial environment who will be inspiring the students and promoting the ethos of entrepreneurship in the campus.


E-Summit brings you the Start-up Internship Expo, which will provide you the chance to land your dream internship and work in the best and most lively atmosphere. Major start-ups from all over India will be a part of this motion by providing internships offers in their own company.


The Business workshop of E-Summit brings the innate opportunity to learn all about the start-up world and explore several avenues of business. The 6-hour workshop by an experienced start-up will let you analyse various aspects of entrepreneurship.

The Technical Workshop of E-Summit ’19 is the place where you shall be exposed to the practicalities of technology and their implications in the start-up world. This hands-on workshop will enable you to introspect numerous technological trends that have revolutionized the start-up sector.


This 18-hour hack aims at helping students come up with feasible and innovative solutions to real-life problems that will change the scenario of that domain. Such ground-breaking ideas will transform the sector and inch closer towards a better tomorrow.


Innoventure is a competition where students will be absorbed in the thrills associated with establishing and running a start-up. The activities have lined up shall polish all the skills that are required to be an entrepreneur. After every level, they shall explore certain aspects of business and analyse the same to come up with a pioneering start-up at the end of the day.


Futurepreneurs seeks at giving individuals a unique scope to step into the shoes of a real entrepreneur and convert real-life problems into practical and feasible solutions. This event gives the participants an entrepreneurial ecosystem and platform to act and think like the CEO of a company by giving problem statements in sectors of their choice.


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