2019: The Year of the Foldable Phone

foldable phone
Image credits: India Today

Before the era of smartphones, using flip phones were all the rage. The snap we heard when we said goodbye to someone made us feel too cool for school! (Yes, I’m a 90’s kid) As technology advanced, we switched to box like smart phones that slowly transformed into sleeker versions with every passing year. The hype for the foldable phone though takes the cake for sure.

After the recent unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold at its ‘Unpacked Event’ in February, every tech freak’s ears perked up as Samsung plans to make two more foldable phones with different designs compared to the Fold. One of them reportedly wraps around the outside of the device similar to Huawei’s Mate X while the other is said to be a vertically oriented clamshell with a 7.3-inch tablet like display similar to the upcoming Foldable Motorola RAZR.

Here’s a brief on the two major foldable smartphones; Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, making it the new millennial trend.

Motorola isn’t far behind on this surging trend! It’s staging a comeback for its famous ‘RAZR Flip Phone.’ A new series of renders have imagined what this new device might look like after almost a decade of the original prime. Though it might like a clamshell suggestive to its original design with the inside is going to be spectacular, the only drawback seems that there may not be a front facing camera, which will be a sort of a deal breaker from this Instagram era, especially with the expensive price tag of around 1500 dollars expected to launch with it.

Compared to the Galaxy Ford, it might seem like a good bargain but the lack of front-facing camera seems like a definite shortcoming.

Foldable phones are teased for seeming like tablet hybrids that users transition between the two orientations of expanding or contracting as depicted by Huawei in a recent demonstration.

Millennials seem taken with the idea of foldable phones for the simple reason that it could diminish to a size of a ‘Post It’ to carry around and still enlarge into big screens whenever the need may be.

As the years have passed, the consumer interest has exploded from borderless screens to refining that design. This year, the ‘fold’ fever has taken over the smartphone makers to gain an upper hand as the competition in the market is growing along with the advancement in technology.


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