Warning!!! Potential Addiction – The Lions Are Here!!


The Leos are finally here! The fifth zodiac.

Their personality is dynamic and attractive. So, the moment they enter a room, they make sure all heads turn.

Their gift to the world is their capacity to love. Leos will go to any extent for the ones they love. They represent loyalty, love, honour, commitment, dedication, and love. Leo’s heart is fragile yet strong, delicate yet resilient. When they give you their heart, they give you their most prized possession.

A Leo is the most sensitive. They are in touch with their emotions but they don’t want you to know that.

Although Leo is the most loyal individual, their loyalty will cost you if you cross the line. So, it is better not to mess with this lion/lioness.

Like the lion, Leos are the kings and queens of their jungle. Respected and admired.

They over-think but always end up being right about anything and everything.

They hate forced conversations, forced interactions, forced friendship.

They can be known for their fiery tempers. The moment you see an angry Leo…RUN!!!

They can handle challenging and difficult situations. Something few can do.Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal.

Leos are very selective about the kind of people in their lives. So, if are a part of it, just know that they value you and you mean a lot to them.

They are independent and are rarely afraid to take risks. They are more than able to visualize schemes on a larger scale and take the leadership role to achieve them. Leos are born leaders and always love to be in-charge of everything.

They love the limelight. There is not a single Leo who wouldn’t want to be the centre of attention at all times! Leos are great at what they do and they definitely want the attention they deserve. They hate to see their talents wasted but the good work is incomplete without appreciation from peers and superiors.

A Leo never really grows up, and not in the bad way. They are just like children – they love simple pleasures in life. They still enjoy playing or following hobbies that kept them busy in their childhood. Whatever they want to say or do, they just go ahead unaware of the politics surrounding them.

They are hard workers with a desire for a position that allows them to feel involved and to express their passion, and they love to take on superhuman challenges.

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