Make Your Mom Happy, Declutter Your Room

decluter your room
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Our rooms can be our personal heaven, a place of relaxation and where usually our struggle stories begin as we dream and hope. However, there is ‘always’ some chaos in our room and sometimes, it is too overwhelming to even think about decluttering the materials spread out. 

There are many ways in which you can motivate yourself, but this guide will follow a pattern that could be beneficial. It would also give you new ideas and innovation to recreate a pleasurable experience in your room. 

Here we go: 

Start Small: 

Take smaller sections to declutter at a time. If you get too ambitious, there’s a chance that you might end up doing really less or nothing. Give yourself and the task, time and pick up smaller areas at a time! 

Think Clearly on Your Priorities: 

Think, without doubt, on what you wish to keep and what to discard. It would be a really hectic choice if you keep thinking rather than making such long thought decisions. 

Imagine a Better Space: 

If you feel downright demotivated, just imagine what could your room be like, if you clear it up! It could really help, since nobody wants to live under a pile of materials-they probably don’t even want. 

After/Before Pictures: 

Living in a social media world has taught us plenty. The trend of After/Before might just evoke a sense of working to get such brilliant results, while also inspiring your followers.

Have a Clear Plan Set: 

Obviously, it is not an easy task. Plan it well to get better results. You can decide beforehand what section you want to pick on a day, how much you want to get done with, and soon you’ll be able to follow the plan and track your progress as well. 

The Visitor’s View: 

If you really want to decide what you want to keep in your room, look at it from a visitor’s perspective. It allows you to think more efficiently, as to what you want to keep on display and what not. Just enter your room, as if it is not yours, and you would know! 

Ask Your Friends’ Opinion: 

If you feel too complicated into clearing your room, it is never harmful to ask a friend for advice. Although we hope we gave you great ideas, a friend knows you personally and you can get a more subjective opinion. 

Be Specific and Mark Things Under DTK: 

D for Donate what you don’t use, T for Throw what is completely useless and K for keeping what you should really put back. It also includes donating ALL you do not wear/use and can be given to someone in need. 

Keep a Trash Bag: 

 Make a space in your room and at the end of each day, throw an unuseful item in it. It could keep the room a step away from decluttering all over again. 

How do you feel about these ideas? Did we miss something? 

Let us know how you feel! 


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