Utilize The Quarantine Period With Some DIY Activity At Home

DIY activities at Home
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As you are at home in quarantine, here’s how you can get your creative juices flowing. You can make these things at home itself from everything which is old and already available in your house.

  1. New candles from leftover candles – You can melt your old candles and remould them in ice trays with a wick for new and pretty candles. These will form small and pretty ones that you can place on the windows in the evenings and create a and soothing atmosphere. 
  1. New notebook from old pages – You can tear the blank pages from your old notebooks and bind them with a thread to create a new notebook. Drawing on the first and last pages with some pretty colors is a great idea. You can also create daily reminder lists in this book for some motivation. 
  1. Coffee art – Coffee art is the newest trend. You can paint in different colors of brown using different concentrations of coffee in water. The most common type of coffee art is making horses on a blank sheet of paper using different shades of brown. You can also do some coffee art on any blank white space at home if you like self painting your walls. 
  1. Phone cover design – With quarantine, I was unable to get a new phone cover. I covered my phone with paper and painted some really pretty designs on that. It turned out amazing. If you have a transparent phone cover, you can also dry some flowers and leaves and put them inside the cover. With quarantine, it’s a good idea to get a plant at home for any floral needs. 
  1. Flowers out of old ribbons – I used to love fresh flowers before quarantine. Now I create flowers with ribbons to feel some floral presence in the house. There are many tutorials for different types of flowers on YouTube. You can place these at the vase at home or even just by the window for an aesthetic appeal. 
  1. Art from broken teacups – This is a source of joy to create. You can stick broken teacups to a canvas and paint around it for some beautiful and offbeat artwork. Since we cannot explore much of live art this quarantine, you can create some for yourself at home and experiment. However, you need to be careful while working with broken glass so you should watch appropriate videos before using your teacups. 
  1. Happy messages for the week in jeans – With quarantine, we all need some positive affirmations. You can rip the pockets of jeans and stick 7 of them around a thread at home. You can fill each pocket with several positive messages for the week and read them. This will not only get your creative juices flowing but will also help you feel more positive throughout the week. 
  1. Paint your jeans – You can paint your jeans with paint to give them a construction-like look. Yellow works best. They not only look trendy and different but also give it a ripped look. If you like floral designs, you can also draw flowers on your jeans or write affirmations at the back. If you don’t like the design, paints are easy to wash off. Hence, you can create several different designs on the same pair of jeans. 
  1. Chocolates with mango filling – If you have many chocolate bars at home, it’s mango season! You can just melt the chocolate bars and fill them with mango bites or puree and free them in ice cube molds. This is a great make at home chocolate recipe which is super simple and needs only two ingredients. If you don’t like mangoes, you can use any other fruit. 
  1.  Lampshade from chart paper – You can create a lampshade from chart paper by cutting out designs you like from it, or even poking holes of different sizes using a pin. You can cover this chart on the original lampshade to watch some interesting light designs spread across your room. 

Since we cannot get everything we want this quarantine, it’s a good idea to focus on the little things which make us happy and try to get the best possible version of it which we can make at home! I hope these quarantine creative ideas help to add some happiness to your day!


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