Trikke Revolution

Trikke India is responsible for bringing the three wheeled vehicle to India. Read on to know what a Trikke is and how it functions WHAT IS A...

Cool Down That Anger Before It Starts Gushing Out

Anger is a necessary part of life but can lead to physical and mental illnesses if left unchecked. Minal Patodia investigates
vegan living

Demystifying Myths in Vegan Living

Have you ever considered making the switch to a vegan diet and then stopped yourself because you have heard negative things about...

Invigorate Your Career

Day Spas are mushrooming in India and abroad. Beverly pereira tells you how to cash in on a career in the wellness industry

Dr Good Skin

DR MALAVIKA KOHLI A renowned dermatologist, she has made her mark in aesthetic dermatology in India for over 15 years. Send your query to Last...

5 Things To Stop Doing If You Are Unable To Sleep

You have probably read many articles online that have already stressed enough about the importance of sound sleep. You also might be...

What Are The Health Benefits Of Shakeology?

Shakeology is one of the most popular meal replacements on the market right now. Producers of Shakeology claim that it can help you gain...

Now that’s what I call a sandwich

Not since the 4th Earl of Sandwich called for two pieces of bread and a slab of meat to eat at his card table...

A Moment On The Lips Forever On The Hips

In the current day and age when the tongues crave for fast food items, it becomes necessary to slow down a little on its...

Beat The Stress, Let The Good Times Roll.

Nimi Jayachandran reveals the harsh realities of dealing with stress and breaks down the methods to deal with it and avoid burnouts The world we...

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