everyday habits damaging your eyes

Everyday Habits That Are Probably Damaging Your Eyes

Ever wondered why the kings and queens never had a problem with their eyesight. It is because they ate healthily and lived...

Static Contractions: Grow by Standing Still

"Use full range of motion (ROM)." That phrase captures one of our major philosophies of resistance training so well that it bears repeating. Use...

Trikke Revolution

Trikke India is responsible for bringing the three wheeled vehicle to India. Read on to know what a Trikke is and how it functions WHAT IS A...

Meet Riyaaz Amlani

The man who 'Handmade' the Impresario Hospitality Group

Misconceptions Of Contraception

Residing in a country where the word ‘sex’ evokes death stares and hushed voices, it is integral for the youth to grasp the concept of...

Two-Wheeled Joyride. Perks Of Riding A Cycle

Aarushi Agarwal explains why you need to get on your cycle and take a dive into the benefits this two-wheeled steel-deal has...

The World of Pilates

Pilates is gaining popularity as a fitness exercise regime. Here are some videos that reveal its benefits and the many ways it is practised. Why...

Invigorate Your Career

Day Spas are mushrooming in India and abroad. Beverly pereira tells you how to cash in on a career in the wellness industry
Ill effects of dieting

The Dark Side of Dieting

Tempted to shed a few kilos before the party season begins? Well, if you plan to go on a diet, it’s important to be...
Avocado Toast - Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking Options to keep the calories at bay

A busy study/work schedule often makes us ignore our health, and stress is a proven cause of binge eating. Ditch the chip bags and...

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