Best Food Items To Keep Your Body Hydrated

With temperatures rising all across the country, it is hard to be drawn towards any sort of spicy foods. Here we have a list...

Pilates Improve Flexibility And Endurance: Here’s How

Pilates, once the exclusive go-to for Hollywood celebrities, has started becoming a household name in India. Aparna Sundaresan introduces you to this...
Fitness Apps

Five Fitness Apps Every Fitness Freak Must Have

Our hectic schedules always get in the way of our fitness goals, and it’s not that hard to fall off the wagon when you’re...
exercise in winter

Kickstart Your Fitness Regime This Winter!

India has just got the taste of cold and as the winter started we suddenly see a drop in the exercise participation...

Weighty Matters

Shedding holiday weight has always been an issue with those who have been vacationing and binging on fried food in the monsoon! Worry not, Priyanka Mehra gives you easy ways of getting back to shape
Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Everyone talks about home remedies for a glowing winter face or beautifully radiant skin. How often do you pause to wonder how difficult it gets for your feet to support you every...

Static Contractions: Grow by Standing Still

"Use full range of motion (ROM)." That phrase captures one of our major philosophies of resistance training so well that it bears repeating. Use...

CrossFit: The new fitness mantra

An introduction to the techniques of CrossFit   Welcome to CrossFit   The CrossFit Games and the Fittest Man on Earth   CrossFit workout techniques you can try at home    

Whisky And Oysters: Together At Last

Until recently – this week, in fact – we hadn’t considered the gastronomic possibilities that the pairing of oysters and whisky might bring. Sure,...
summer tips

Easy Tips to Protect your Hair and Body this Summer

The summer heat has begun gracing the Indian shores and with an increase in temperature, the presence of dirt, pollution, heatwaves, sunburn, humidity and...

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