The Best And Worst Foods For Monsoon

chai and pakora

The favourite time of the year for many Indians has finally arrived. The much-awaited monsoons are finally here, bringing with them the aromatic smell of damp soil, breeziness and grey skies. But nothing’s perfect without food. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite monsoon foods and things you should definitely avoid eating during the rain, to ensure you have a truly happy, healthy monsoon –


Chai / Pakora

Ginger tea, or more fondly known as ‘Adrak ki chai’ is a perennial favourite when it comes to Indian households. However, drinking chai and eating literally any kind of pakora while it rains is a different feeling altogether. Make sure the pakoras are either home-cooked or bought from a safe and clean store.


Another universal favourite, people across all ages will tell you that one of their favourite moments in the rain is curling up under the sheets with a steaming hot bowl of maggi and a favourite book or movie. Some clichés are clichés because they’re just plain good!


One of the most popular street foods, especially in north-east India, momos are a perfect treat for cold, rainy weather. Eat these with a spicy chilly and ginger chutney for an even better taste.


Soups are a healthy treat during monsoons, especially spicy Chinese Manchow soup, chicken noodle soup, or the healthiest alternative, potato and leek soup. This is sure to satisfy your hunger, without leaving you feeling too guilty in the end.


Butta (corn on a cob), a favourite on Juhu Beach, Worli Seaface and Bandstand in the rain, is a sensational experience. Watching your butta getting toasted and feeling the warmth radiating in the rain is all part of the experience. Here’s a pro tip: always, always ask for extra butter and lime. You won’t regret it.



Although a year-round treat, eating panipuri in the rain can prove to be extremely harmful to your health because the ingredients used in roadside panipuri are usually extremely unhygienic and carry all sorts of bacteria and germs that will get you sick, no matter how strong you think your immunity is. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be sick when it’s raining.

Roadside juices/ganna juice

Another big no-no is drinking roadside juices. The water used for these juices is usually very unsanitary and the ice used is even worse. Very often, the water used is taken from local taps or even bathrooms. This is risky enough already, but during the monsoon, it is extremely important to be cautious while drinking juice or chai outside.


Buying cheap seafood during the rain is very unsafe because of water and sewage flooding, especially in Mumbai you can never be sure how safe the ocean water really is. Additionally, the seafood served at dicey restaurants is usually cheap, stale and left out in the open. When buying seafood, buy it from a trusted vendor and limit eating seafood outside during the monsoon.


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