Kickstart your fitness regime this winter!


Delhi has just got the taste of cold and as winter has started we suddenly see a drop in the exercise participation and drop in the gym membership renewal.
As we dig deep into the reason behind the lethargy during winters, we see that during winters your body burns a lot of calories and metabolism rises to manage the normal core temperature of your body, this is why you shiver whenever you feel cold. It is the way of body to produce heat and manage in the cold temperature.
The lethargy is the body’s way to save calories for heat production later and also your muscles, ligaments and tendons are also stiff compared to summers. This generates a feeling of lethargy to the human body.
chirag sethi
Points to remember for a winter based workout:
>  The Metabolism is highly elevated during winters by simply adding exercise, you can further add extra exercise and burn more calories and shed off the unnecessary fat soon.
> It is the season to load yourself with good quality protein and fats and you can easily stay away from those sugary drinks.
> Winters are ideal to lose weight and to pack some muscle which help in raising your metabolism.
> Outdoor workouts are a great fun during winters since the weather is pleasant and a cardio based workout can be easily done.
> Don’t forget to warm up properly and do the dynamic stretches in order to prepare your muscles for the work out.
> Cool down properly to avoid any kind of soreness or pain later.

Bindiya Bhandari (6)

(Courtesy: Dr.Chirag Sethi and Ms.Bindiya Bhandari, co-founders, Battle of Bulges)



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