From Fat to Fit, Karishma Karer bares it all in a Candid Interview with Youth Incorporated

Karishma Karer

No longer known as the chubby girl who couldn’t conquer her weight, Karishma Karer emerged victoriously. Five years ago she was 105kgs and now she’s a size 6.

As she faced true struggle, a storm was brewing inside her to do more; to do better. Therefore, the concept of BU Fitness materialized. It’s a one of its kind athleisure brand engineered for an everyday lifestyle.

Youth Incorporated interviewed the relatable yet warm Karishma at Qi Gym, Churchgate to know more about her journey and the conception of BU Fitness. 

When asked about her transformation, Karishma replied, “It was an amalgamation of moments that led up to the transformation. I was always a happy girl, personally and professionally, so the weight was never really a concern; until there came a day where I began to feel breathless while walking and talking. I just woke up one morning and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. That’s when I felt and realized that it’s time I make some major lifestyle changes.”

As Karishma decided to launch her own line of fashion gear, she turned her passion into a profession. She shed some light on the inspiration behind her brand. “When you’re a big person, going to the gym can get very embarrassing. There are all these fit people working out, and you don’t feel good about yourself. When I was a big girl, I would walk into the gym with baggy clothes, thinking it’s going to hide all my rolls and fat. I didn’t feel good. The whole idea of launching BU Fitness is that when you look good, you feel good.”

At BU Fitness, they’re always innovating. Their designs and materials are based on the latest trends; so you can be assured that your athletic wear will always compliment your wardrobe. Be it at the gym, an outdoor workout or a casual evening, the goal at BU is that when you wear their apparel they want you to look good and feel real, they call it “Elevating the U”. Design, quality and confirm are extremely important to them.

When we asked about her Fitness Mantra, Karishma was very frank. “I basically follow a balanced diet with a one-day cheat meal, which should technically be one cheat meal a day. It’s not about size; it’s about being fit and healthy at the end of the day.” Though she might hate the fact that exercise alone can’t get anyone the results they want, she looks forward to the adrenaline rush that working out brings her. “The only person who gets credit for my workout is me, no one else” she beamed with pride.

Her advice to people who want to start exercising was motivating. “You just have to start. When you go on a journey, there are times when you tend to fail. Don’t give up. You’re human at the end of the day and you have to do what’s best for you.”

BU Fitness has recently launched and it has a long way to go, according to Karishma. “Fortunately, we’ve got great feedback from all the men and women wearing it. We’re going to incorporate that in our next collection. Our next aim is to launch plus-size garments for people in the near future.”

Watch the space below for the full interview.


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