An Equal Footing

A closer look at the scope of human rights reveals the dire need for awareness on what the issue encompasses in today's inhuman and nefarious world.

The Highlanders – A Complete guide to studying Scotland

Youth Inc Gives You A Comprehensive Account Of Studying In The Country Famed For Its Highlands And Single Malt

Loving Chemistry

Dr Zarine Turel, recent recipient of the TATA Chemicals Honour for service to chemistry, talks to Youth Inc about her many interests and enaging the students in class

In Competition

Competitive exams are conducted to match the suitable candidates to the right jobs. Youth inc analyses the trend

What Women Want

In A Developing Country, One Of The Most Effective Ways To Empower Women Is Through Education, Finds A Youth Inc Correspondent

A Doctor's Dilemmas

Taking a look into the life of a medical student, Youth Inc finds that the ratio of stress to stimulation is quite skewed from the aspirant days to the internship period

Teacher's Inc

When industry experts are called into academics to share their knowledge the gesture is widely applauded by all concerned. Not all experts, however, are able to transfer the knowledge to students

No Reservations

After 65 years of Independence, the reservation policy in education has just become stronger instead of being phased out. Youth Inc talks to students about the sensitive issue

Meta University To Become A Reality Soon!

The Government of India has proposed the concept of a 'meta university' to enable students to pursue cross-disciplinary programmes simultaneously. Expected to become a reality from the next academic session, the idea...

Rachana Sansad To Offer New Courses!

Rachana Sansad is now gearing up to offer new courses to students. The institute is adding three new courses to the already existing bouquet of 18 courses...

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