First Sikh Minister became Title Of A Canadian Burger

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How cool is it to have a dish named after you? Very.

Let me tell you about the coolest thing happened to Mr. Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s first Sikh Defence Minister. A Vancouver downtown located café called The Cannibal Café named the burger ‘Minister of National Deliciousness’.

This burger has a tandoori spiced patty with butter chicken sauce, and red onion pakoras made of chickpea flour, pressed yogurt, fresh mint, cilantro and cucumbers. It found its way to fame when it got featured as February’s burger of the month.

Originally from India, Harjit Sajjan moved to Canada at the age of five, grew up there. He got appointed as the Defence Minister in November 2015.

“I approve. It’s got pakoras on it. Who would’ve thought to put it into a burger? Now that – that makes sense,” said Minister Sajjan.

We’d love to taste something like that, shout out to Indian chefs!


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