Time To Switch Off

earth hour

The Earth hour is an hour marked by hundreds of countries and people all over the world by voluntarily switching off their lights for an hour as a reminder of the increasing global temperature of the Earth.

This is a small initiative by the WWF and hopes to progress and achieve their target of controlling the Earth’s temperature in the future. Donations for the Earth hour are welcomed at their site mentioned at the bottom; a lot of people donate for the social cause.

We all have engaged ourselves so much in our daily lives that we have forgotten about our mother Earth. Let’s take a time-out to find out how she really is, is she as healthy as she was, if not who is to blame?

You must think switching off lights for an hour won’t help control the temperature of the Earth. But it will, when millions of people switch off the lights, it will. It’s a gesture, a gesture of love and care towards our mother earth. Let’s take a pause in our busy lives and switch off the lights to experience the dark hour and enlighten our minds.

This year, the Earth hour will be celebrated today, the 19th of March 8.30 to 9.30 p.m. If you happen to be out of your home during this hour, no worries, you can keep your lights off at any other convenient hour; but make sure you’re a part of it. Before making any decision, let’s think of the things that we got from her and the things we can give back. Here is our chance to give back our love.

A few fun things you can do when the lights are off:

  • Have a candle-lit dinner
  • Invite friends around for a pub quiz and board games by candlelight
  • Take a long walk or go star gazing
  • Have an unplugged jam session with your friends
  • Play a real game of hide & seek. Now there’s a challenge doing it in the dark.



 Image source: www.metrokelan.com



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