science arts and commerce

Science, Commerce or Arts? Take The Right Decision

The 10th grade results are out and most of you students are confused regarding what stream to choose between commerce, science or...
alternative to MBA

What Other Than MBA? Alternatives You Can Choose From

In a world where educational qualifications are given prime importance, it is crucial for all to pursue a master’s degree. It is a master’s...

National Education Policy Proposes Formal Education From The Age Of 3

Indian children might soon be a part of a formal education system at the age of three, with the National Education Policy draft...
Hospitality And Hotel Management

All You Need To Know About Hospitality and Hotel Management

Both the terms, Hospitality and Hotel Management revolve around taking care of the guests in a way they feel welcomed, at home...

E-learning: A Bridging Gap Between Quality Education And The Rural

Technology is the king of the current world. It is something we just cannot do without. Technology today has extended its hands...

All You Need To Know About Infographics: What, Why And How

Infographics are a visual representation of data or information intended to present data quickly and easily. They are easy to understand and...
World Environment Day

What Are You Doing On This World Environment Day?

The earth has witnessed some really dangerous natural calamities the previous year itself like the Japan floods which killed 220 people, heat...
media software

Software Every Media Student Must Know

Just having a degree in Mass media is not enough to survive in the media industry. Media is an ever-changing industry but...
Mithi river

A Step To Make The Environment Clean: Mithi River Undergoes Cleansing

As environment day is approaching, many Non-Profit Organizations have undertaken several initiatives to make the environment clean and preserve it for the...
pride month

Let’s Drown In The Rainbow Colours. It’s Pride Month!!

The world is all set to wrap itself with the rainbow flag. It’s that time of the year again when the world...

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Indian Flag

Decoding The Indian Flag

The Indian Flag is made using a special type of cloth known as Khadi (hand-spun cloth popularized by the Mahatma Gandhi). The Bureau of...