The Green Patch on White Collar Jobs

As the Taj Mahal gets inelegantly dressed in a yellow cloak amidst the problems of a perennial lack of resources, corporate India sets up...
Start Up

Here’s How You Can Prevent Your Start-Up From Falling Apart at 50 Employees

Its common knowledge amongst the public that Start-Ups aren’t a sure shot. They go through this teenager startup phase where the company starts to...
dream psychology

Dream Psychology: Do Dreams Reveal More Than They Conceal?

The world might not have reached the era of ‘Inception’ yet or may never even reach there. But, Psychology has gotten pretty close. It...

Blog On!

Discover how blogging has transformed from being a hobby to a lucrative career option - Bilal Siddiqi and Razi Shaikh

Video Resumes: Showing Your Face In Today’s Job Search

Suki Shah, The CEO and Co-Founder of gethired.com, talks about the importance of creating a video resume to really stand out from the crowd
Human resources

Career in Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) plays a vital role in the functioning of companies. They’re responsible for putting together a team to boost the company’s growth,...
sports psychology

Delving Into The Sportsman’s Mind

With the craze about sports in the masses increasing exponentially, the need for sports psychologists is rising. Meera Jakkli brings to you the lowdown on this up-and coming branch of sports...

The Threat of Radicalization

Discrimination, stereotyping, prejudice – these are just a few radicalizing issues that plague our diverse nation. Pooja Salvi delves deeper into the growing threat...

Wordsmith of the month: Maya Sundar

Wordsmith of the month, Maya Sundar narrates a story of love, suffering and death  Daffodils Daffodils were her symbol. Light, free-spirited, stand-alone and yet united with...

Show me the Moolah !

Negotitating your salary is one of the most important steps of your job interview. Get what you deserve with these tips !

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