Signs You Need Career Counseling: Know When To Reach Out

career counseling
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At one point or another, everyone feels a little lost and doesn’t know where they are regarding their career goals and aspirations. Decades of the outmoded style of learning that is practiced by the Indian education system have naturally led to people choosing stagnant career options to pursue after school. There is also continuous uninformed guidance and expectations from family members, and often even peer pressure plays a role in restraining one from making relatively unconventional career choices. All this has led to many students being accustomed to making ‘safe’ and tested choices, whether in regard to their career, or any other sphere of their life. This is why knowing when and if you need career counseling is important. So, here are a few signs that indicate that you may need career counseling.

You feel clueless about your career goals

Not having a direction in life may often become frustrating and that’s why it is important to think about the things that excite you and make you happy. Analyzing these interests and choosing career paths that align best with your interests is the best possible outcome, and you may consult friends and family for the same, but their answers may not satisfy you entirely. This is why consulting a career counselor at a time like this could be perfect for you.

You’ve finished school and don’t know your options for college and work opportunities

Completing school means that you’re officially going to enter the rat race and face the competition head-on. Choosing between a higher education or work experience can be tough, because they both come with their own set of pros and cons, and there are many other decisions that you have to make while choosing either option. With the number of processes that you will have to go through, it may be best to consult a career counselor so they can guide you correctly.

You’ve finished college but don’t know what you want to do next

If getting past the grueling college routine and course curriculum does not give you a clue of what you could be in life, then there may be a problem. It is possible that you may have done really well during graduation years but it may still leave you feeling empty and unhappy. This is the best time to receive career guidance. Career counseling will not prepare you just for an immediate sense of achievement but will make you ready for long successful professional life ahead.    

You are in a job but you feel unsatisfied

Every job or career has its own highs and lows but if you can’t imagine being in the same field for the next 5-7 years, then there is a need for change. There are many careers that overlap in terms of skills and expertise required. This isn’t a bad thing, rather, is an advantage because it enables you to try something different and see if it suits you and your interests better. This requires research and a bit of trial and error, which can be done best with the help of a career counselor.

Your job choice didn’t work out for you and you might get fired

It is quite common for people to underperform against the expectations set at work, but it isn’t that the individual is trying to hamper their own career knowingly. There are so many unconscious wrong choices from your end that make you think that you’re doing a good job but tells your employer otherwise. You may also strongly feel that your current job is not your correct call but you still continue it for the sake of monetary benefits or experience. In this case, career counseling can help you pull away from the negativity and encourage you to move forward to new experiences. 

You know what you want but feel confused with so many options

Maybe you’ve always known what you wanted to do, you were the brightest in your class and never struggled with grades. But once you get into the real world, you get exposed to many more options and that can often be overwhelming for some. Employers are looking for people who know who they are, what they want to be, and how they will contribute to the organization while becoming who they want to be. Whenever a company is hiring, they are looking for individuals who have clarity and are informed about the choices they are making. This can be made clear with the help of career counseling. 

You have specific talents but lack overall focus

Your creativity and talent may just be a blessing in disguise, but if you lack focus and can’t stick to something for too long, it can get frustrating for you. With the help of a career guide, you can find careers that match your interest, personality, and skills.


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