Sunday, September 26, 2021
Indian army

Pride, Honour, Glory

A career in the Indian Army is not just a career choice. It is a way of life, a journey of personal and professional fulfilment. Youth...

The Time Of Unemployment Is Exhaustive, Utilise It At Your Fullest

Due to this highly competitive world, increasing population, depleting resources and job opportunities, the world has seen the largest rate of unemployment...

Musical Healing

Since ancient times, the ragas have been associated with healing properties. Explore the possibilities of a career in music therapy

Effective Guidelines To Put Money To Proper Use

Finding yourself often cash-strapped? Can't seem to save up to buy that cell phone or cute shoes? Youth Inc guides you on...

Role Play

So you want to make a break into the television or film industry, but you have no idea where to begin. Youth Inc lets...

A Pill to POP

Apoorva Nanjangud takes you throgh the nitty gritties of a career in pharmacy that deals with everything from a headache to battling deases

The Green Grower

Are you fascinated by Flowers and Plants? Then nurture you Green Thumb and pursue a career in Horticulture

Starting Your First Startup – Challenges And Strategies

Often it takes a lot of courage, insight, and determination to start up your first venture. You are supposed to cross many hurdles, overcome...
career in voice-over

Is Your Voice Capable Of Producing Any Sound Under The Sun? You Might Make...

Youth Inc gives you all the facts about embarking on an alternative career as a voice-over artist
Film Criticism

The Dos And Don’ts Of Film Criticism

If you also notice the different shots, cuts, sound score, editing style, storyline, and the performance of the characters in a film,...