Sunday, September 26, 2021
first job after graduation

Bag that Job

While there is a vast number of interesting job openings these days, the competition is getting fiercer by the day. Taylor Jacobson shows you how to stand apart from the crowd
Internship Abroad

First Week On The Job

You've landed your dream job, and are about to enter the office on your first day. You can't even begin to describe the feeling - nervous energy mixed with hope and fear. Priyanka Mehra tells you how to get through it all
Higher education

Pursuing An Undergraduate And Post Graduate Degree In The Same Field? Here’s What We...

If you’re a fresh graduate or someone who’s worked a few years with just a Bachelor’s degree, you’re probably thinking that getting yourself a...
sporting events at work

Bringing Employees Together With Sporting Events

Building a sense of cohesion within their team is something a lot of businesses are trying to achieve. Some will invest thousands...

In The Lap Of Luxury

Hermes, louis vuitton, porsche, burberry, cartier - the list is endless! as the Indian market sees an influx of such brands, a career in luxury brand management could be the choicest one, finds Beverly Pereira
Experience Design


Gone are the days when we slogged into the wee hours of the night to study for a shining career in engineering. We’re now moving...

Ready, Steady, Success!

Maya Daswani, an internationally recognised soft skills and finishing school trainer and CEO of persona power, gives her take on workplace etiquette

The Ushers of Style

Fashion styling as a career is a product of people’s constant need to look presentable. Trishann Henriques explores this glamorous new profession Fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, runway shows, celebrities and...
internship platforms

Top 5 Internship Websites For Students In India

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” These words by famous American actress Helen Hayes seem so simple, and yet they...
Human rights law

Slam The Gavel On Human Rights

The judicial system worldwide has been construed for the primary reason of safeguarding the rights and liberties of the peoples of the world. But the most...