The Time Of Unemployment Is Exhaustive, Utilise It At Your Fullest

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Due to this highly competitive world, increasing population, depleting resources and job opportunities, the world has seen the largest rate of unemployment in this generation. The cycle that is followed and we are supposed to follow is: pass out from school, get a good college, get campus placement, marry and have kids. So bearing the burden of unemployment can be very hard in this rigid operating society. So focusing on the next step is the main goal to put you out of this perpetual agony. It has always been said that when you are busy you must know to efficiently manage time. The skill of Time management however doesn’t just apply to Mr. Super-Busy but also to Mr. Free-all-the-Time. The reason behind this is that, if you have free time in your hand, you must know how to put it to the best use. 

Unemployment happens to the best of us. It is very easy to get irritated and stressed due to joblessness. There are ways to deal with the blues of unemployment. Rather than waiting painstakingly waiting for a company-call inviting you for a job, it’s best to utilise your free time by doing some predictive activities. If you haven’t tried them as yet, scroll down for some help: 

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  1. Exercise: Just because you are free doesn’t mean you should lay around lazily the whole day doing nothing. Start your day by engaging in some physical fitness. It does not just help you stay fit, but also makes you spend the time of your day productively. Maintaining a healthy body means maintaining a healthy mind.
  1. Learn New Skills: A healthy mind effectively grasps new skills faster. Apart from learning new skills, you can also hone the skills you already have. If you are blaming yourself for joblessness, you must not allow this to bring you down, rather challenge yourself to improve. Invest your time in learning about the industry that you want to enter, try networking with people who can help you in the coming future, people who can brief you about the industry, how it functions, and various other crucial factors. 
  1. Polish Your Vocabulary: It is very important in this western preaching golden-bird to impress not only your informal buddies but also to make a lasting impression on the bosses by adding fancy-sounding words in your conversation and PPTs. “WORD POWER MADE EASY” by NORMAN LEWIS  is a great book to learn English vocabulary in easy and simple steps. 
  1. Work On Your Resume/Cover Letter: Job applicants are most of the time required to draft cover letters along with sending in resumes by the employers. The purpose of a cover letter is to enable the employer to understand and know about the applicant a little in detail. A good cover letter is something that makes an applicant stand out from the rest. During your free time, you can sit down with a pen and paper, reflect on your personality, and put your thoughts down by writing why you deserve a particular job. 
  1. Take Up Online Courses: One of the silver linings in these COVID stricken times is that Harvard University is offering up to 1500 free online courses for different streams, so people around the world can learn, study, and grow. Preparing is one thing and making yourself to use is another, there are many websites that take mock interviews and IQ tests. Visit these websites and train your mind because it is really very important and effective.

Time is a tool everyone should know how to use at their best disposal. Maintaining a time schedule is very important and requires a lot of discipline. For a person who is unemployed, he/she should always remember that they have a great weapon that many working people lack, that is the time. If you are a tired job hunter, sitting at home, you should definitely get started with this self-development mission.  


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