Careers that Don’t Require a College Education

careers that don't require a college degree

College and further studies can often burn a hole in your pockets. Now, students with a grade 10 + 2 education are finding ways to skip the four tedious (and yet often futile) years of certified college education and choosing to get a step up on their careers, instead. Given below are a few options to opt out of a conventional college education, saving lakhs of rupees, and get a job straight away.


If you have a knack for words and know that the field of written art is your forte, freelance content writing may be an excellent choice for you. Freelance writers write articles for companies, review products, maintain a blog, and write scripts for performances. Also, with great ideas and equal consistency, many people earn their coin by writing novels, short stories, poems, or children’s books. As far as writing goes, the list is endless. Be creative in your approach and you will find a way to write for a living.


In the past few years, YouTube has proved itself to be an ingenious platform for people to share their work and get recognized, and for users to find the content they would like to watch. Today, YouTube stands as the largest video sharing platform with a user base of millions. With original, entertaining content and the right promotion, anybody can start a channel on YouTube and get paid for it. This is a fairly competitive field, what with millions of people posting content every day, but with patience and persistence, you can expect to walk your way to fame. Content on YouTube varies from vlogs, (video blogs) to educational videos, to make up videos. Be original in your work, and you will stand out.


If the sports you play define you, then you will be happy to know that to play professionally, you don’t need a college education. What you do need though, is a driven mindset and steadfast determination. You must make devoting a majority of your time to fitness and practice a priority for you. With an unwavering goal in mind, you must be willing to give up on parties, junk food, and any free time in general, but the rewards you get in exchange for a sacrifice of your time are immeasurable.


Art and photography, though commonly pursued as a hobby can be a very rewarding occupation for some. Making it big as a photographer or an artist requires patience and a lifetime of practice. These are two fields where theoretical knowledge of the subject will not help in the least unless you practice. Draw inspiration from subjects in daily life, travel and use your imagination. With an infinite imagination come infinite possibilities.


Models are often recruited at a young age, presumably their late teens or early twenties. Modelling, as glamorous a career as it sounds, can be nerve-wracking. With a career in modelling comes abstinence from any kind of junk food, and often forcing yourself into unhealthy diets. But, if you believe you are strong enough to endure a career in modelling, go right ahead. A career in modelling is rewarding and fun and promises you a lifetime of glamour and fame.


A career in police services is not only limited to the police force but also the army and the navy. For competency in the civil services, you must be very fit, physically and mentally, and pass an exam for proof. This is one of the most respectable careers and there is nothing more selfless than devoting your life to the service of your country.


Surprisingly, to help in the betterment of your country by way of implementation of policies and laws and enforcement of punishing offences, you don’t need a college degree. What you need is a firm voice and an unwavering opinion and beyond amazing oratory skills. You need to have fruitful ideas for taking the country forward and a voice to project these ideas. With determination, anything is possible (just look at Adolf Hitler!)

These are just a few of hundreds of career options that don’t require a college degree. We must look at the option that appeals most to us, or is best suited for us, instead of choosing to swim with the current and opting for the common options while choosing a career. Don’t be scared to take a risk, but do evaluate if it’s the best one for you.


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