Beat the exam blues

exam blues

One thing every student should remember is that exams and academics are not the end of the world. Stressing about the issue will only make things worse. Relax. There are many great personalities that weren’t the best at studies but did really well in life. So fret not and read the following exam tips that will help you beat the study blues.

Breaks: Don’t exhaust yourself. Take breaks in-between studies. Constantly studying can only slower the learning process and increase the stress. Change the place of studying after every hour or so.

Power nap: If your tired of studying, grab a pillow and take a quick nap. While doing so don’t make the sleeping arrangements very comfortable as that will only make you sleep longer and waste your precious time. During exams, the mind is under constant stress and needs a little rest. It’ll refresh your mind and help you study better. Also, it’s very important to grab a good night sleep a day before the exams.

Relax your mind: When taking a break, do something that you like. Watch a good show or listen to a good piece of music that will relax your mind. Spending time with pets has proven to be one of the best stress-busting solutions. “Relaxation is extremely important as it will prevent panic before the exams” says Dr. Shubhangi Parkar, who is the head of the psychiatry department at KEM Hospital.

Try meditating or exercise: OMMMM! Studies have proved that deep breathing exercises help in reducing stress. “Yoga and breathing exercises like pranayama help reducing anxiety and increase concentration levels, she adds.

What to eat: Eating dark chocolate which is over 70% cocoa fights stress and releases Endorphins or happy hormones. “Whatever you eat, make sure your stomach’s not full.Overeating will only make you feel lazy and sleepy. Eating nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables are highly advisable. Your meal should be low on acidity and spices,” says Ms. Parker.








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