Apps Like BeatMap, MyScoot, And Others Are Attracting Millennial To Party With Strangers

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Millennial love the idea of meeting new people and making new memories. The reason online platforms have more of the young population is that they prefer knowing humans outside of their families, which for them is more comforting and accepting. Not to mention, social media has been fulfilling these wishes and how. 

While apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are helping people connect to their potential partners online, there are apps like BeatMap and MyScoot that are encouraging people to throw house parties and interact with strangers offline. The trend of connecting online is soon going to be taken over by apps like these which emphasis human connection and friendship over online conversations.

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Nidhi Tiwary, who was new in the town, was intrigued when she was invited to her neighbour’s gaming session along with another bunch of strangers. Since then, she has been a regular user of MyScoot app and is into hosting parties that allow people to connect with other like-minded people. 

The creators of MyScoot app came up with the idea after realising that youngsters are going to pubs and bars in hope to meet new people, which is not successful always. Through the app, anybody can attend or host tea parties, movie nights, meet and greet sessions and a whole list of other interesting activities with total strangers.  

Harishankar PS, the founder of another similar app, Beatmap, started with the concept of organising gigs at homes, where music lovers would come together to enjoy the music and share their stories in the comfort of their homes. “I wanted to meet new people instead of hanging out with the same old set of friends,” he said to The Indian Express adding how Beatmap wants to “change the way people perceived social networks”.

Apart from having a great time and making memories, these apps also allow the host to make enough money for their monthly expenditures by organising a particular number of parties.

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“Since this generation is fast moving, they experience a lot of stress which they tend to release though socialising or parties. This generation prefers to stay connected or maintain that bond through social networking sites or apps. Therefore, such apps become a trend among the millennial,” says Dr Rakhi Anand, a clinical psychologist and a senior consultant from Delhi to The Indian Express. 

Other apps like Couch Surfing are connecting travellers to locals who let strangers stay at their homes and help them explore a city. Internation is an app for expats who can connect with other expats in town. Sofar sounds, like Beatmap, connects strangers who love music.

However, youngsters should always check and read about such apps before sharing their personal information on it and also validate the authenticity of the users before making any decision. 


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