How Do The Rich Get Rid Of Hangovers?

get rid of hangovers
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The internet is bizarre with information. Tips and guidelines to transform your lifestyle into something more holistic are millennial’s bread and butter. 

Hangovers don’t check your social background. They practice equality by visiting the rich and the poor without discrimination. The difference though is the way it is dealt with by people. An easy and cheap way to deal with hangovers is obviously chugging as much water as you can, followed by a painkiller if you feel like being extravagant. (Joking. If you have money for alcohol, you definitely have money for a painkiller) 

The Bourgeois will probably take it a step further, they could literally buy happiness with money and we’re fascinated by it.  

The IV Drip

After a night of heavy drinking, the rich call for an IV Drip as if they’ve just called for an appetizer from the menu. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mocking them. They literally just order it and two people in scrubs get delivered with a couple of types of equipment. After assessing the damage of the previous night, an IV is hooked up containing vitamins and medicines like paracetamol, ketorolac, ondansetron, magnesium, etc. All of these things are supposed to rehydrate, be anti-inflammatory and stop the person from throwing up. The headache and the nausea are bound to go away.

get rid of hangovers
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Joyless Food

This one’s more of a lifestyle than a hangover cure. A Go green smoothie, granola with berries, activated charcoal latte, etc.  These tasteless foods might be all the Instagram sensations but taste-wise; they’re not very eat-worthy. Don’t know how much this would contribute to curing hangovers but it could surely create a different feeling of weirdness to concentrate on. Maybe you’d forget about the headache and nausea.

get rid of hangovers
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A Spa Day

It’s a good possibility that Spa is the answer to almost all rich people problems. Why shouldn’t a hangover join all the fun? The change into a bathrobe and soft slippers could be a good start towards a cure but a good smelling candle makes all the difference. A facial, steam or sauna can instantly kick start the process of relaxation unless a person doesn’t fall asleep from a deep tissue massage or a gentle one. I guess some could literally look forward to a hangover, just to rejoice in a spa. Who am I kidding? Hangovers were created by the Devil and there is no looking forward to it.   

get rid of hangovers
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‘Limonata’ San Pellegrino 

Limonata San Pellegrino is very sugary lemonade that some people swear by for curing a hangover. With a crazy load of added sugar, the rich crowds think it isn’t like any other fizzy drink they’ve encountered. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I can’t find the science in a sickly sweet liquid solving a hangover. Maybe, it’s a blue blood thing. 

get rid of hangovers
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Maybe the perfect wealthy hangover cure really is to simply float around in a large pool, sipping Bloody Marys’ and buying products called Morning Recovery that could have a backing of 8 million dollars. Just another day in the country house, I suppose. 

Note: This article may seem like I’m jealous of rich people, but I’d likely to fairly point out the fact that, Yes. Yes, I am. The tone of this article is a very “I hate you because I want to be you.”  


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