Animating Your Way into Architecture


Does Your Interest Lie in Interiors and Architecture? If the Long Study Period Seems to be Putting You off then opt for a career in 3D Architecture

Architecture is no more subject to drafting plans and sections. If inking isn’t your thing then 3D architecture is a fair option to consider. 3D architecture comprises considerably fewer aspects in comparison to a full-blown degree in BArch. The shortcut to designing is easy to achieve if you are a commerce or science student. A keen interest in technology and various rendering software will be a beneficial aspect to pursue a career in this field. To see this through, all you need to do is opt for a diploma ranging from 6 months to a year in 3D animation. These diplomas can be attained from animation institutes all over India or abroad. The alternative option is obtaining a certification in appropriate software like Auto Cad, Maya, Vectorworks, Artlantis, Luminous, Sketch Up and 3D studio max among a few others.
Architecture has two aspects to it: drafting and visualisation. Visualisation refers to the one that 3D architects deal with; the final product must be eye catching and should convey the idea of the space precisely. When a certain design is taken to the client, it’s not the plans that are comprehended by him but the visualisation. These visualisation images were once drawn up by hand or through the art of model making, but now it’s all about conveying designs through software. Architects sketch up the technical drawings and send it through to 3D architects. Their job then is to draw these plans on design software and transform them into 3D models. The space is then enhanced by adding furniture or by adding the required theme decided by the client and architect. 3D architects design a journey through the space, making the client feel as if they are walking through the actual corridor or room.
Many may stop to consider if this is an appropriate option in India? If this is the only thing stopping you, then brush off that thought because this is a promising and upcoming field. It has a good scope and is expanding by the day. In fact, many of the animation institutes offer the opportunity of placement right after the conclusion of a year’s diploma. The various opportunities range from working in a 3D architecture practice or starting your own. The salary easily exceeds a 4-digit figure per month. This may be a career option frowned upon by parents due to the myth related to new designing fields, but if this is where your interest lies, then go ahead. The knack for animation and designing combined with reading plans and interior designing is basically all the fun aspects of architecture put together as an independent course.

Course Canvas

  • Frameboxx (All over India)
  • Dimensionz studio, Mumbai
  • CG School, Florida
  • Animation and Multimedia, Delhi


Volume 2 Issue 2


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