Prachi Jhadav gets a vibrant new look after Lekha Shah, senior stylist at The Cut Collective, works her makeover magic!


1. A combination of red and magenta creative colour is first applied to Prachi’s hair. The colour pattern is minimalistic and limited to Prachi’s fringe and the lower ends of her hair. While this look is not in-yourface, the colour certainly has a vibrant appeal.


2. After a quick wash, Prachi was given a heavy-layered cut to give her hair more volume. The layers are cut in a way that compliments the shape of her face. She is also given a short, side fringe, which adds a feminine touch.







3. Senior make-up artist, Bhavna Kanchandani, steps in to accentuate the makeover with the right make up. Prachi’s make up is done in a way that brightens her face and doesn’t look cakey. To do this, Bhavna ensures she uses colours that blend with Prachi’s natural complexion.






4.  Finally, Prachi’s hair was curled and blow dried to enhance her soft curls. Once the makeover was done, a visibly brighter and more confident Prachi emerged.







LEKHA SHAH “I have given Prachi a look that is not only fresh and young but also easy to maintain. Her hair colour looks vibrant and funky as darker tones suit her hair.”

STYLIST TIP When selecting a hair colour, make sure the colour compliments your skin tone. You might have a colour preference, but if it doesn’t suit your skin tone, it could look disastrous! So ensure that you consult with a stylist to help you select the right colour.


Volume 2 Issue 2


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