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Apoorva S Nanjangud Takes You on a Journey to the Fantastical City of Hong Kong


After eight-odd flying hours, when you first enter Hong Kong, you feel as if you are landing in a quaint fishing town, absolutely gifted by nature with a natural harbour. This stands true only if you happen to reach Hong Kong in the day time. In the night, you can see a sea of lights below, reflecting the city’s urban character. The road leading to the city is flanked by sea and mountains, and soon I learnt that Hong Kong is an island city-state flanked by a delta and the South China Sea. The carefree adventure lover in me had landed in seventh heaven, but the shopper in me shrieked in grief. But the smile on my face returned when I noticed a pair of Prada’s on every stylish foot. Hong Kong is a place for everything and everyone. The beauty of its expensive skyline takes over the natural bounty at the onset of dusk. Every part of the skyline glistens to polished perfection and every shoulder rocks a Gucci.
We were told by our guide that it’s an expensive deal to stay in Hong Kong as the rumoured real estate prices cost a bomb.

But when in Honk Kong, you can expect many surprises to unfold. The cultural diversity, the colonial influence, the modern architectural marvels, the theme parks, the cuisine and the extensive shopping options will keep you happily awed during your stay. Whatever be your mode of shopping, you will find it here. Visit the lively night markets for funky buys in the form of independent designer wear and other fun knick-knacks. It’s a good idea to spend your days at the many shopping malls and then continue your shopping spree through midnight at Temple Street Night Market and Stanley Market, where you can soothe your aching feet with blissful foot massages. The city is well maintained and boasts of globalisation to the core as well as a faint influence of the British colonial times.
Eating out in Hong Kong is yet another activity you should not give a miss. Authentic Chinese food like the street-side Dim Sum is a good pick for the adventurous at dedicated food districts in Kowloon City, while more upscale restaurants near the scenic Victoria harbour will cater to those with a taste for Western fare.
Visit these places in Hong Kong: THE PEAK- Looking down from The Peak you’ll be awestruck at the breathtaking view of the surrounding city skyline, the world famous Victoria Harbor and the nearby island Kowloon, towering skyscrapers and beautiful green hills. It’s a treat for the eyes and a gift for the senses!

The Madame Tussauds Museum-This miniature version of the legendary museum is situated on the peak. It ensures you have your ‘star-struck’ moment amidst 100-odd prominent celebrities. Experience ‘Scream’, a horror attraction not for the faint at heart!

The Repulse Bay– This tropical beach houses the most expensive residential property. There is a mythical story behind the architecture of every building . A visit is a must to experience the sun and to get drenched in its clean waters.


The Jumbo Kingdom– If you are a foodie and an adventurous one at that, this is a place that you cannot afford to miss. This floating Chinese restaurant is one of the landmarks of Hong Kong that has been floating steady since 1976. Sample traditional Chinese food along with fusion gourmet food.

Disneyland– Missing Disneyland in any country of the world is like missing the boat to your favourite destination! Experience the magic here! The cobbled roads, child-friendly staff, quaint stores, the aroma of freshly baked apple pie, the whole dance and drama happening at every corner of Disneyland, fun eateries, exciting rides, forever smiling staff and the enchanting locales make Hong Kong’s Disneyland a place to visit that almost seems straight out of a storybook. Don’t miss Mickey’s Philar Magic 4D show and the Tarzan tree house tour! The Disney parade is a must watch followed by the fireworks show after dusk, which is more than worth waiting for!
Hong Kong is a very well-rounded city-state in terms of technology, culture, arts and retail. It is very well connected to the globe in every sphere, making it a city on every traveler’s must-visit list! So, the next winter break you get, you know where to head to! Bon Voyage!

Offbeat Things to do in Hong Kong

  • Walk up 159 steps to see Lovers’s Rock for a fantastic view of Hong Kong. Word has it that if you visit, you will be blessed with an amazing love life!
  • Explore Lantau Island and take a 30-minute cable car ride to Po Lin Monastery. Don’t miss the long-but-worth it climb to see the giant 34 meter-high Buddha statue.
  • Get your fortune read at the lively Temple Street at night.


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