6 Ways to Deal with E-Jerks and Trolls on Social Media

trolls on social media
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With the advent of the internet, people all over the world can stay connected. Public profiles and public opinions are easily used to raise issues but sometimes, they’re used for negativity too. There might be a grumpy old timer typing away about how you’re not perfect, or a grammar Nazi correcting a small mistake in your sentence. It can be okay, but sometimes it can get very harsh.

So how do you deal with negative comments?

Dealing with online rudeness is tough because the attacker is usually hiding behind his laptop screen, snickering at his ‘clever’ remarks. Many derogatory comments can find their way into your DM’s, especially if you’re a public figure.  Sometimes an online troll is really just a customer complaining. Therefore, you have to know the difference and listen.

It’s imperative to know that harsher forms of bullying, hate speech, personal threats or other forms of online abuse should be reported and blocked. Here are a few ways you can learn to deal with trolls on Social Media.

1. Ignore Them

We all know that trolls crave attention. They want to get you angry, frustrated or uncomfortable. Though it might be difficult, ignoring a troll could be your best tactic because when they don’t get a response, they’ll most likely go away. Spend your valuable time and energy engaging with blockheads is basically time wasted.

2. Make Let Light of the Situation

Humor is considered to be one of the best ways to handle trolls. When you make light of a troll’s comment, you simultaneously acknowledge and defuse the situation.

3. Unmask Them

Trolls thrive on anonymity. By snatching away that power, you may make that troll think twice before he types something nasty on your website, blog, or social media account. But you don’t have to reveal their real name and address, as that would border on them getting harassed by your loyal fans. Things can spiral out of hand quickly.

4. Using Online Tools

If you have the resources, you can also use disemvoweling or hellbanning tools or plugins to combat trolls. Other powerful conducts to handle trolls are making use of the Robot9000 tool or the SMC4 software.

5. Fight Back With Facts

If you become the object of rumors or misinformation being spread by trolls, you might want to pull up your sleeves and start your research. Fighting back with facts is a great shot at winning against a troll. You have to choose to address the issue head-on. In doing so, you might be able to stop any further controversy.

6. Correct Mistakes

If a troll corrects a mistake you have made, then you should look into it, make the proper improvements. This will have to involve you admitting that you were wrong. You might want to let the person who commented, know you have corrected an error and explain what you did.

When on social media, look for people who can relate to you. Finding peers who you can sympathize with can help you grow your community. Whenever you can, share kindness online.


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