What’s Your Relationship Status? I Think I Am Friendzoned

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You start your day by exchanging ‘Good Morning’ and end it by saying ‘Good Night’. You two cannot go a day without talking to each other. You are his/her ‘cutie pie’ and he/she is your ‘boo’. You are his/her confidant and go-to person. You have great fun together. That’s that. He/she is never available when you need him/her. There will be no romance in the unnamed relationship you share. Your offer to hang out together is turned down a majority of times. You are always confused if things are progressing positively or are they just stuck because you keep getting mixed signals from him/her. Chances are, you might just be getting friendzoned. 

Love surely is blind, because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing an article on this in the first place. It is because love is blind, you fail to identify signs that clearly indicate you are getting friendzoned. This is exactly why I am writing this article. All you need is to open your eyes and check for the below-mentioned signs that will sure-shot tell you that you are getting friendzoned. 

There will be no physical contact except for a slight hug 

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When with them alone, you will never hold hands. You will simply just walk side by side. Even when you go in for a hug, the hug won’t last long, forget it being a tight hug. Even worse, they will just give you a side hug. Since there will be no attraction from them towards you, they will clearly give you signs of staying away. How will you know it? You will be scared to touch them every time you think of it. Trust your vibe! It will never lie

Your conversations will be nonflirty and sext free 

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When you meet a person, you feel the spark. If it happens from both ends, conversations become flirty and honey dripping sweet. However, if you and your ‘love interest’ just have a normal conversation, there is very little chance of anything happening between you’ll. Even when you send out a flirty text, you only receive a simple reply and sometimes your text just gets completely ignored. Quite obvious that if you don’t even exchange flirty texts, sexting is completely off the table. 

You will always have a third wheel 

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There will hardly be times when you two will be alone, and that too because they will demand it. However, when you will want to spend time alone with them, they will always bring along a third wheel. You will find it very difficult to receive a yes for an answer for a movie date, lunch date or any plan that involves only the two of you. 

He/She will always keep talking about his/her crush 

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This is one of the strongest signs that indicate they are not even thinking about you the way you think about them. They will always share the little details about their crush and their feelings towards that one specific person. They will also tell you about their date plans with this crush of theirs.  

He/She will try to set you up with someone else 

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Not only will they chatter about their crush constantly in front of you, but also try to set you up with someone else. They will always introduce you to their friends and encourage you to spice things up with their friend. 

Listen carefully to how he/she addresses you 

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If they address you as “Hey babe” or “Hey sexy/hottie”, or say things like “You are my happy place”, chances are that they might be interested in you, On the opposite, if they say things like “hey buddy”, “I am lucky to have you as a friend”, “You silly”, “Awwe you are so cute”, then you are just a friend for them. 

If, while reading this article you thought to yourself, “Oh fish yes this happens all the time!”, then I am so sorry to tell you that you should just move on and start looking for someone else who reciprocates the same feelings you hold. Sure, you will be disappointed, but you won’t get friendzoned each and every time. That is for sure.


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