Switch To A Winter Diet To Keep Yourself Warm This Winter

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With sweaters, beanies, and earmuffs on, we are undoubtedly keeping ourselves warm from the cool breeze of the winter. Just as our outer body stays protected with warm clothes, our inner body also requires protection from winter. Having a proper winter diet is the perfect way to maintain the overall health of your body in the winter season. 

So let’s include the following in our daily diet till winters go on


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This is the best drink to have in the late evenings in chilly weather. You can drink any soup you like, but try sticking to the traditional tomato, cereal or palak soup. Not only is soup a great hydrator but it also helps in keeping your body warm from within. Besides, it is extremely healthy as it provides the body with all the important nutrients. Include soup in your winter diet and make sure to have it regularly. Avoid the ‘desi Chinese’ soups like manchow soup. 


Winter Diet
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Winters get our hearts craving for delicious delicacies we absolutely cannot resist. In addition to this, winter covers its cozy and lazy blanket over us, making gyming or exercising almost impossible. This is why the chances of putting on weight during winters are high. At such times, eating something that helps in the digestion of heavy meals is a must. Jaggery is one of the best foods effective for digestion. Not just this, but it also offers many other health benefits especially in the winter season. It is very beneficial for the throat as it keeps it warm and free from dryness and irritation; a condition that occurs mainly in the winter season. Jaggery also smoothes the blood flow and keeps the body’s blood warm. It too is a rich source of Vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium; minerals necessary for the body. 


Nuts are the richest source of nutrients. It helps you stay fit throughout winters. Including nuts in your daily winter diet ensure your body gets the required and sufficient amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. With growing fluctuations in the climate, viral infections and fever have become rampant. Regular intake of nuts helps the body is bearing the climate changes by providing it with sufficient strength and immunity. 


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Every night, before slipping into your blanket, don’t forget to have water mixed with a spoon full of honey. Why? Honey is naturally warm so have a glass full of warm honey water will keep your body warm and help you sleep better. Honey is also an effective remedy to cure a cold. If you don’t like having honey with water, you can also add one spoon of honey in your tea or coffee instead of one spoon of sugar. 


There is a reason why a cup of ‘kadak adrak waali chai’ transports you to a whole other world in winters. Ginger too is naturally heaty, which is why too much of it is bad during summers. Ginger helps in maintaining the regular blood flow, increases metabolism and also keeps the body warm, which is exactly what one needs in winter. Ginger also sides in fightinf the germs and viruses that cause cold and flu. So one cup of adrak chai is not just a fancy but also a healthy idea. 

Broccoli and Cauliflower

During winters, the body is more likely to catch a cold and flu. At such times, the intake of foods that are immune to cold is very important. Vitamin C helps in keeping cold at bay. Since Brocolli and Cauliflower are rich sources of Vitamin C, their inclusion in your winter diet can be of great benefit to your health. 

Maintaining a winter diet is necessary because this is this time when our body is the most reluctant to function actively. Feeding it the right food will help in keeping the body fit and capable of fighting well with the unnecessary health concerns winter brings with itself. If you have any other food in mind that we all should include in our winter diet, feel free to drop in your suggestion in the comments section below. 


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