Unconventional University Destinations


Gone are the days, when students were only UK or US-bound for further studies. With the development of more and more countries, students have a myriad of unconventional places to choose from to study further. We bring you our top picks for places you didn’t know offered top-notch education

Your experiences in college are an indispensable treasure trove of memories that you will always cherish. Staying in the country or flying abroad is a tough decision to make. Studying abroad presents ample opportunities to learn about and interact with other cultures and traditions. It comes with several benefits and invaluable experiences, and is definitely worth the money. Once you decide to study abroad, the question is: where to go?
A lot of research and effort is put into deciding a suitable university to study in. However, most students tend to look straight at the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore or Hong Kong, without giving much thought to the other places in the world which are less commonly looked at, but also offer excellent opportunities for students. Locations such as China, Russia and the Middle East, are a few of the more unorthodox areas that are occasionally considered by students. These unconventional destinations boast of some exceptional universities and educational instituitions along with attractions and places for amusement. They generally offer interesting work opportunities, comfortable lodgings, and the chance to relish the taste of traditional food.
When studying abroad, it is imperative to research about different conditions and factors. What is the food like? Is a visa necessary? What are the currency conversions? What is the main mode of transport used? An abundance of factors determine the proper location to study abroad. Enjoying the city life, the culture of the country, the languages and style of communication are all experiences that are a part of the college life. Unusual study destinations have some unique environments to adjust to, but it is definitely worth it!


Volume 6 Issue 1


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