Top 4 Mobile Games Loved By The Youth

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The mobile gaming industry has undergone a huge boost given the kids, teens, and mid-aged population taking a keen interest in downloading and enjoying different games. While earlier, playing games online was considered a waste of time, an opportunity to earn with every win has made these pastimes the most sought-after among people of different age groups. There are multiple trustworthy websites that gamers can collaborate with to make their leisure time fun and exciting.

As a gamer, it is up to you to be careful enough in choosing a reliable platform that not only offers good graphics to start with but also helps you earn what they promise against every win. Besides being the best pastimes, mobile games become a way of seeing yourself the way you always wanted to and i.e. as a sportsperson. Though there are multiple games available to let players have the best gaming experience, the most sought-after ones these days among the youth are the following four:

Fantasy Games

Going online brings you to a wide variety of fantasy games. Whether you want to associate with Virat Kohli Fantasy Cricket App to visualise yourself as your favourite player or you want to collaborate with a fantasy football team, you can choose the one you desire. If you have aspired to be a cricketer or a footballer or a basketball player, fantasy gaming gives you a chance to live your dreams.

Not only that, the reputed gaming platforms offer gamers a chance to earn money. Download the game and start enjoying the sport you have always aspired to play and win.

Fantasy cricket has become the latest craze among youngsters across the world as it gives them a chance to create virtual teams with real cricketers. On fantasy cricket apps, the players earn points depending on the performances of the cricketers in real-life matches. The better the real-life players perform, the higher the gamers score on the leaderboard, thus earning a significant amount. In fact, according to a report published by Forbes India, the country has witness a significant rise of cricket Fantasy app in recent times. 


One of the oldest games that have been played in North India since 1500 years ago is chess. And today, you have your boards available online and you can connect with your desired opponent virtually. On reputed platforms, you will find proper guidelines on how to proceed with the game. In fact, even if you are an amateur, these sites will guide you on how to move a king, queen, knight, pawns, and rook.

You will get guided and gradually will learn to play and win the game. Don’t forget, chess is a mind game, and playing it will enhance your cognitive capabilities. You get a real-time multiplayer environment, which ultimately lets you enjoy the game to the fullest.

Rogue Heist

This is one of the most popular games among the youngsters as it offers an action-packed experience which they are normally looking for. Thrill and adventure are what defines the game. In the Esports version, a game lasts for about five minutes, where 4-8 players are pitted against each other to steal the maximum money possible. 

The easy to navigate interface, custom controls and smooth functioning make it simple for gamers to play and win the game. The only thing they need to use is their strategy and skills. Do your best and be the top gainer on the Leaderboard to be eligible to earn the set prize money.

8 Ball Pool

Are you missing the pool table? If yes, download the 8 ball pool game and begin your journey towards playing a virtually-driven pool game. If you are yet not aware, 8 Ball Pool game is played on a pool table with a cue stick and 16 balls, of which 15 are object balls while 1 is a cue ball used to strike the other balls. The gamers can choose to play as singles or doubles as per their convenience and preference. 8 ball pool online game is a high-speed game and has gained a lot of attention among the youth these days. 

In the game, the player needs to pocket balls numbered 1 through 7, which are designated as solid colours while the other player has to pocket balls numbered 9 through 15, which are the referred to as stripes. The one-on-one games comprise several tournaments, which the gamers can play to win the match and earn real money. However, while playing the online version, you must be careful about the fouls as considered on different gaming platforms. The guidelines, including the details of fouls, are likely to be displayed before you start.

So, take a break and choose your favourite game from the above list to have a great time. Be it any game, play and set new winning records.


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