5 Things You Must Avoid Doing In Your Early Adulthood

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Early adulthood is an anomalous point in everyone’s life. A teenager venturing into adulthood is burdened with expectations and responsibilities. We, the adults are fuming with the dire need of finding our life’s purposes. It is the same point of life where we start fueling our dreams, imaginations, and fantasies while carrying the heap of responsibilities given by families and society.

However, Early Adulthood isn’t always scary, it is the most marvelous juncture of life which has the ability to twist and turn lives for either good or bad. We all want to achieve autonomy, establish a career and an identity, find intimacy and keep up with responsibilities. There are many questions we may demand answers to and it’s plausible that we may not find answers to all our questions, but that’s the charm of adulthood that will compel us to start or take that first step.

With this, let’s take a note of what things to dodge to guarantee a great life ahead:

1. Avoiding health: 

Take your health seriously, period! Partying, consuming alcohol in a restraint manner, or even celebrating something with a pizza or two is normal. The problem occurs when it goes off-limit. Have everything in moderation. Hampered with the stress of exams and academics, we tend to ignore our health which is quite hazardous. Limiting sleep hours and abusing the body by consuming junk foods isn’t justifiable. As said, “health is wealth”, pampering and taking care of your health will definitely reward you. Worship your body, nurture it with clean food, have a sound sleep, exercise, take care of it and it will, in turn, take care of you.

2. Avoiding mistakes and fearing failure

Being a failure does not mean that you have failed life, it simply means a postponed success that needs some more inputs and better strategic planning. 

You are going to fail, a number of times. It’s an unpleasant truth, a dismantled road which nobody wishes to cross, but have to, you cannot do here a cab like a trick to walking sideways to avoid problems on this road. There will be moments of win and there will be double the moments of failure. Confront it at its face, tackle and move along. The more mistakes you make, the more experiences you procure. In the end, everything is meant to make you learn something.  If you make ten mistakes, it equals ten things you need to evade to ensure your success further. There may be futile relationships, toxic friendships, unsuccessful attempts, and much more. Accept it, learn from it and add another growth element to your well-being.

3. Unwillingness to let go of toxic people

We are surrounded by many toxic people, manipulators, and unbridled narcissists whose main preoccupation is themselves. In your life, you will encounter many of them. Develop that utter resilience to let them go. For example, you may have seen people sugarcoating your personality,

“Damn! You are so gorgeous.” 

“Geez, we are soul mates.”

 Beware of them, they are manipulators

“You cannot do it.” 

“It is not within your reach.” 

These are the toxic ones that you need to cut down entirely from your life. Those who reduce your worth should be eliminated. Recollect John Donne’s words, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” 

As said, choose your company wisely and mindfully let people in your lives.

4. Not learning about “money”

You may have some friends or siblings who spend money mindlessly at the start of the month when their accounts get credited and become broke around the end of the month due to unnecessary shopping or partying. What our parents used to advise about saving each penny is absolutely true. The point here is to learn to save money.  Apart from saving, if possible, learn to invest. Know what is an “asset” and what is a “liability.” That car which caught your attention, which you wish to buy is a liability. It will take more and give less. As drop by drop fills the ocean, if you start investing today, it will reward you tomorrow. Value your money, study it and mindfully invest it.

5. Not prioritizing mental health

Mental health is often stigmatized and an ignored subject. This is an age where the lot would have to face tough scenarios and competitive peers. On the verge of proving thy worth don’t let it affect your general well-being. We are so into the rat race that we tend to let our mental well-being decline. Be social, be mindful, be resilient, counter envy, and most importantly, keep your mental wellness above anything else. Just remember, each person has their own pace, you are not bound to become successful instantly in the early stages of your career. Take your time and do what moves you. A happy soul will eliminate the chronic consequences of bad mental health. If at any point you feel stuck, or in general stressed, talk it out, flush it out. Do not let it slowly perish your soul and conscience.

Early adulthood is that part of your story which is lucidly beautiful. It’s one golden time where you’ll make a hell of lot of memories and establish some unbreakable relationships. Do party, do socialize and do enjoy immensely. Fulfill your ambitions and remain enthusiastic avoiding some minor hurdles. Don’t let that child in you die. Reward your mood and ecstasies and moreover drain the essence, this life has to award you.


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