Thrive Skills: Why Must All Working Professionals Master Them?

Thrive skills
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The word thrive means to grow or develop vigorously. The new term Thrive Skills is thus self-explanatory. Thrive skills are a set of skills that help one to thrive in a particular environment or surroundings. We all are very much aware of the massive transformations every workplace in the world has undergone due to two key factors, one obviously being the rapid advancement of technology and well the second being the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These two factors combined have changed the way of working, making it imperative for employees across the world to equip themselves with skills to adapt well to the changes. So, entered the new thrive skills.  

What are Thrive Skills? 

They are a set of cognitive, social and behavioural skills that enable professional individuals to continuously succeed, at every stage of their career. They are pervasive in literally everything we do at our workplace right from interacting with our colleagues to the approach we adopt for meeting our company goals. 

Empathy, flexibility, resilience, reliability, cooperation, acceptance, coordination, time management, effective communication, public speaking, leadership, efficient prioritisation, personal credibility, crisis management and good judgment, are among many other attributes that fall under the umbrella of thrive skills.  

Why is there a need for employees to develop thrive skills?

While being adept with hard (technical) and soft (behavioural) skills and upskilling is crucial for one’s career growth, thrive skills are now an addition.

The majority of organisations today have switched from traditional working methods to hybrid and remote working modes. This has compelled employees to develop these skills in order to stay relevant in the workplace. The diversification of workplaces has impacted the employees largely. It has become essential for employees to hold these skills in order to ensure the smooth running of organisations. 

How are thrive skills helping employees?

Mastering thrives skills are helping employees adapt to the constantly changing work environment. 

It is helping employees become resilient. 

It is helping them develop empathy for the organisation and the people they work with.

It is increasing their ability to listen actively and assert themselves whenever the need falls

This thus results in the creation of meaningful outcomes and boosting of productivity of both the employees as well as the organisation. 

The development of thrive skills also helps employees to address their issues and challenges to the concerned officials without really feeling the need to quit. This can only happen if employees know how to apply the learned skills. 

Just as it is important for employees to build their thriving skills, it is equally important for the organisation to recognise and encourage these skills. Many recruiters today expect employees to hone their thriving skills. It helps organisations to retain their employees, achieve long-term goals and milestones, as well as increase the operational efficiency of the firm. 


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