Looking For The Next Big Challenge? Look No Further, We Invite You To ASTELLAR. Wanna Know More?


Get ready to scratch your head, and unfold your thinking abilities to crack the wittiest of enigmatic challenges, brainteasers, and problems at Astellar – a cryptic hunt that brings you a set of really interesting questions (some incomprehensible ones too) which covers topics from core cryptography to general Gen-Z stuff, from hardcore Linux to Anime trivia, anything and everything a geek loves, woven around an exciting story. Follow along with the story, which might help you with this journey.

The questions won’t be straightforward; we might require a lot of grinding and brain-racking, and as our friends at Assassin’s Creed say, “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.” It is not just about solving the question, it is also about the speed, respond as early as you can in each set of questions because the higher you are on the leaderboard, the better your chances are at winning. Here, you can expect yourself to look around for hints, clues, and ciphers all over the internet to crack those crazy conundrums.

A friendly piece of advice, you might want to brush up on all the Sci-Fi movies, popular memes, trends, and pop-culture references of the century; ergo, better keep yourself up-to-date. So buckle up, and get ready to brainstorm because it is going to be a super challenging yet interesting journey through space at Astellar.

We wish you all the very best, and may the best team win. Apart from the Cryptic Hunt, there are a bunch of fun events as well, including Gaming Competitions, which revolve around some popular games like Tekken 7 and Counter-Strike. This competition is not just like any other Event; you don’t wanna miss this one. There are a lot of exciting prizes in store for the winners, which include cash prizes, coupons, memberships, goodies and a lot more.

Come along- test your limits, your patience, your savant… Win!!!


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