The Pros & Cons of Distance Education

distance education

Distance learning is a mode of education wherein students who are unable to pursue on-campus studies can do so from other locations. This includes correspondence courses, online programs and other forms of remote learning. A number of institutions offer distance learning in various fields of studies like science, arts, business and education. Although you won’t have to attend classes like other students, you will have the same course material and get the same certificates as them. If you’re someone who is thinking of pursuing a particular course via distance learning, we’ve made a list of pros and cons for you to consider before making a decision –



Not being confined to the four walls of a classroom means that you can learn from wherever in the world you please, provided you have accessibility to a laptop and the internet. You can study from your bedroom, from a friend’s house, from a café, or even if you’re not in the country. You can even access your courses from your phone or tablet, which makes it easier for working professionals.

Earn while you learn

The very basic nature of distance education gives you the freedom to plan your day according to your convenience, so why not make a few bucks while you’re at it? This is the main reason why most working professionals opt for distance learning courses over real-time ones. Since you’re not required to be physically present at the university, you can devote your time towards your job and study after. The course curriculum is the same as that for full-time students, so you won’t miss out on much.

Save time

Since you won’t be required to come to university and attend lectures, you save your travel time. However, some components of the course will require you to be physically present at the university. Nevertheless, this won’t be too often. Additionally, this will be better suited for people with disabilities who find a daily commute troublesome.


Lack of Campus Atmosphere

Having to never leave your house for college seems like the most attractive thing there is, but if you’re someone who loves the campus vibes, this might not be your best mode of study. As distance education requires you to have little to no attendance at campus, you may be void of a traditional college experience – lounging on the campus, gorging on the canteen food or those mandatory college campus photos with your gang.

Limited Social Interactions

Let’s face it, we’re all secretly hoping to form our ‘#squadforlife’ in college, and if you’re a distance learning students, it’s not easy to make it happen. You may have limited interactions with your classmates, but almost no interactions with them at social gatherings or college events. And if you’re an extrovert who loves making new friends, this might be a big challenge for you.

No personalized attention

In distance learning, you technically are your own teacher, baring a few doubt solving sessions, so this means that you will have no access to some real facetime with your professors. Although you could note down your doubts and approach your professors at a later date, any sort of urgency will require you to make a special trip to the university. This also largely depends on the availability of your professors at that time.


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