The Digital Touch


Is the ‘tap and swipe’ technology leading us to losing our sense of touch with world? Are we becoming less human? Leo Oomen tells you about how it has affected our lives.

Imagine you are not allowed to use the internet or the smartphone or use any electronic gadget, how would that make you feel? Many of us would feel like a major part of our life has been missing. The heartbreaks you go through when you lose any gadget or device which you use daily is something unspeakable. Suppose you think of contacting someone do you think of writing a letter or going to meet the person directly? You think to call up the person and use the technology to be in touch with the person.
An era where we all are alone together, technology keeps us together but we are still alone deep inside. We have evolved from printing press to computers to internet and the recent addition of smartphones and gadgets. The question arises, are we losing touch in this age of digital communication and are we becoming less human with each other? Technology and digitisation has affected even the miniscule area of life.


‘To Google’ has become a universal language and each country today has its own internet slang dictionary. Internet is an excellent medium to learn languages but the correct use of language should be given importance. The online world believes in manipulating language and thereby showing how brilliant it is. Text messaging has become a new language where people txt spk (text speak), a vowel free use of abbreviation and acronyms. We have moved from manual to automatic, from writing each letter to just hitting the button. We have created a world where we steal and change words.


Most of us reckon we’re changing for the better. Our gadgets and gizmos are helping us to connect more with each other, stay alert when we drive, and discover more information. But a new thing to be considered is Sensory Dynamism, the concept has to do with our perception. We are clouding our senses and embedding technology wherever possible. Looking out of the window, you perceive millions of senses like sound, colour, feeling, and many others but when you are gazing your iPad for checking an e-mail you may barely uses your senses. Technology makes us competitive rather than being collaborative.


While much is said and written about how technology changes relationships between people, how we relate differently to each other when meeting through a screen rather than in flesh is completely different. Technology for more than centuries has made it easier to connect with each other. Today, even the older generation get into the digital world to stay in touch with the newer generation. Perhaps overcoming a sense of isolation is one of the greatest features of online communities and virtual worlds. It has also improved communication for differently abled people and made it possible where it previously wasn’t.
Technology is improving day by day for our betterment, it is better not to waste nostalgia on the previous times. Technology is as two-edged sword and its utilisation shows how differently it can be used. The freewheeling culture of tap and swipe, touch and turn pages is better not just for us but also for the differently abled people in the society. Humans can adapt pretty quickly than what we think. Also, up to some extent, we do not always pine on wasting time and energy on something which can be done easily; we do not want to be the Luddite.


Volume 6 Issue 1


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